April 3, 2012

Ashlie's Top 10...Favorite Baby Things I Could Not Have Lived Without!

Ashlie here.  It's been quite a while, no?
I'm sure you've been thinking-"Have you been living under a rock...?"
Well, kind of.
We've had the most unfortunate and untimely event of my father-in-law passing away suddenly and it's really made me not want to do much socially...or blogically (if that's even a word).
I take great comfort in knowing what I know about the gospel and why we're all here.  Thanks to my wonderful sister, she's taken up blog duty with her fantastic baby tutes here, here, and here.  But the talk of babies if definitely in the air and I thought I would share some of the top ten things I could not lived without with baby E...who is now  almost (*gulp)16 months.

My how time flies...

Top 10 Baby Things I Could Not Have Lived Without

1. First and foremost...the Boppy.  It rarely left my side (literally) for the first three months.  It has to be one of the greatest inventions, next to...

2. The Pump. (I think breast pump sounds so...you know--weird)  Again, the first three months it was a lifesaver.  I went back to work 4 weeks after I had E and it was so nice to be able to give her my milk and still get out of the house.  Plus it was great for Spunky to be able to feed her at night while I slept.  And the baggies to freeze extra milk...love, Love, LOVE!

3. Dr. Brown's Bottles.  They look complicated with all the spouts and spickets, but is totally worth the extra pieces.  I had colic as a baby...(I get reminded how awful I was constantly by aunts and uncles) and I was for sure karma would come looking for me in the form of my new babe, but not with these bottles. BPA free, help aid in reducing gas bubbles and-ahem..colic, and has a natural flow like breast feeding.  Got them off of Amazon and came in a pack with two 4 oz bottles, three 8 oz bottles, and all the trimmings.  

4. The Swaddler.  Even though little E loved to sleep with her arms above her head, we still wrapped her up as tight as a bug in a rug and ---heaven.  Helped her sleep through the night, as well as...

5.  The Sound Machine.  Not only do Spunky and I use a sound machine at night, but so did E.  Still does.  My sister in law said that was on the top of her list for all her kids and it does wonders for not only blocking out noises as they nap, but is a great way to soothe them as bed time comes.  

6. Minky Blankets.  Not sold in stores :)  My mom made E six minkys when she was born.  Perfect for winter time and still perfect for E when she wants something soft to cuddle.  Like they say, you can never have too many blankets and I certainly have the blanket basket to prove it. 

7.  Car Seat Cover.  Also made by mom, (not the one pictured--I was too lazy to get a real pic.  Just know it's waaay cuter than the one above :)  I had a minky and a cotton one.  Minky which was great to have in the winter as E was born in December and the cotton we switched out in the spring.  LOVED to have them not only for nap time on the go, but also to ward off nosy strangers wanting to look at my baby.  It may be just me, but I wasn't real keen on letting wierdies breathe on her.  When someone asked too look at her, I could politely say, she's taking a nap and I don't want to wake her...enough said.

8. The Vibrating Chair.  One of the only tools that E really loved up until she could crawl.  I distinctly remember one time she was sleeping in it while I was vacuuming.  She was so out I moved her (gently) around as I was vacuuming and she didn't even move.  Great, great thing to have when you feel like you need to get something done around the house.  But only if you feel like it :)

9. Aveeno Lavender Baby Lotion.  This lotion smells so good I even use it for myself.  (I have my own separate bottle).  I put it on after tubby time and it makes her skin super dooper soft and the lavender scent is extremely soothing--enough to want me take a nap.

10.  Total Baby App.  After you have a baby...you really can't tell which is up is down, whether it's night or day, and it makes you kinda crazy.  You'd be surprised how you can barely function with two hours of sleep. This app was so helpful to remind me when she was changed-how many wets and solids she'd had (which was great to have at pediatrician appointments), when she was fed last, for how long and what side I had fed her last (again, you'd be surprised at how easy you forget), when she slept last and for how long, and any other pertinent information you'd like to add.  I only used this until I got back on a good sleep schedule and could remember on my own, but was super helpful to have by my side at all times.  

What are your top ten? Anything to add, subtract, multiply--tell us.  We're BOTH getting close to game time and would always love to hear what you can't live without when it comes to baby!


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  1. Great post! however, after 3 kids, I've learned a fair amount I can live without (trust me that cuhrch diaper bag is going to start filling up fast with more kids!!)

    My tops are my medela electric breast pump and the storage bags! Plus the milk pads and cream for sore nipples!

    swaddle blankets are the best! and the sleep saks! Love those, even in the summer, so you don't have to worry about loose blankets while they're sleeping. (I should show you a pic of my blanket closet!)


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