March 11, 2012

Rocking Chair Cushion Cover

OK- My cushion covers are a little rough. I had to make my own foam pad and let's just say there are probably a million easier ways to cut  3 inch foam! It also doesn't help that I'm a beginner sewer. 
But if I can do it, SEW can you!
 Let's finish these pads in SEVEN easy steps, shall we? 
First things first, here's what you'll need!
*A rocking chair
*3 inch foam pad
*1 inch foam pad
*3 yards of fabric
*Ribbon of your choice
FIRSTLY-I measured my chair so I knew how big and how much of everything I needed. I also traced the size/shape of the chair onto paper, both the bum and the back.
Secondly- From the paper, I traced the shape onto my foam pads. I used the 3 inch for the bum piece (This gal wanted LOTS of padding) Then I used the 1 inch for the back piece. 
Thirdly- I cut out that dreadful foam. {If anyone knows of an easier way to cut foam besides scissors PLEASE Share!}
Fourthly-Use the same paper stencil to measure out your fabric. Remember for the 3 inch bum piece to add a couple of inches for sewing room, you won't need as much extra for the back piece but still leave a little for sewing room. 
Fifthly- Cut out your strips of ribbon for the ties
Sixthly- Grab both pieces of fabric for your bum piece, pin your ties where you want them and sew {your fabric will be right sides together} Leave the back edge open so you can slide your foam in. Tuck in the edges, add your ties and sew the back piece together. Voila! Now do the same for the back piece!
{right sides together}
Seventhly- Go and tie your new cushions onto your rocking chair and rock the night away! I, on the other hand, will beg that husband of mine to fix up and paint my rocking chair so my new cushions will look extra fabulous! I also added a little strip of ruffle across the top to match my bumper pads, not sure I love it. But I'm thinking if I add a super cute pillow in the mix it will be a little cuter. Any suggestions?

If you have any questions, or any tips on making this easier please share! 


  1. Roz!! So a way easy way to cut foam is with an electric knife- like a turkey carver ya know? I saw them do it at Joanne's and it is super speedy! We ended up getting one when we made our headboard. Hope that helps!

  2. i used to work in a fabric store and we always cut foam with an electric knife!


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