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*This blog and is solely run by me, Ashlie Eborn. It is not associated with any other group or affiliation. All views and opinions are ours and are influenced by our own personal experiences, knowledge, beliefs and views.

*I believe in honesty, integrity and respect in actions and thoughts. This also pertains to how we, this blog is run. 

*This blog accepts payments for advertising space. I only accept sponsors who's feel and content is appropriate for our blog.

*Compensation of payment is not accepted in any way for views expressed on this blog. ALL views are honest and our own personal opinion. 

*Content will not be influenced by sponsors. If content is related to sponsors, it will be clearly marked as such.

{In relation to sponsors and advertising:}

*I reserve the right to refuse to host a giveaway/product/service or advertisement on our blog that is not deemed appropriate, suitable or family friendly for my blog.  

*I reserve the right to refuse any sponsors/information/link ups that are not deemed appropriate for my blog.

*I reserve the right to deny anyone sponsorship if we feel what they want to advertise isn't a good fit or is inappropriate for our blog, or if our sponsor section is too full.
*If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact via email.  

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