March 12, 2012

Crib Bumper Tutorial

These are EASY PEASY and I'm SO thrilled with the way they turned out!
*Bumper Pads {I bought some nice ones for $3 at DI that worked perfect}
*3 yards fabric
*Ribbon for your ties

I did my bumpers in four separate pieces. Two sides, and two pieces for the front and back. Let's get started!
First- Trace your bumper pad onto your fabric {add a little material for sewing room} Cut that out and make another one just like it!
Second- Pin the fabric right sides together, along with the ribbon {for the ties} where you want them to go.
I also wanted a little frill to my pads, so  I got a 2 inch piece of plain black fabric, sewed it in half, then ruffled it. I pinned this to the top of my bumper pad. {Make sure the rugged end is matching with the ends of the fabric, so the pretty ruffled part is tucked inbetween the two fabrics. Like so..
Third- Just SEW-sew-sew. Only sew three sides, leaving one of the ends open to slide the bumper pad into.
Fourth-After your bumper pad is in, tuck in the open ended fabric, add your ribbon and sew it shut!
Fifth- Add those babies onto your crib and imagine your baby girl sleeping next to those beautiful crib bumpers you just made. {sighh} Ok, maybe I am the only one who will do that.
Weren't those easy? Again, all I need now is that hubby of mine to paint this crib for me, so everything is matching! We'll get there eventually...Until then, here are a few {white trash} pictures of my bumpers. I semi- set up our crib so I could see what they looked like. SO when all the furniture is painted and complete I will do a full picture of my crib bedding!

If you guys make any of these PLEASE show me how yours turned out. I would LOVE to see them! Good luck, and have SEW much fun!


  1. Hi, just wondering how you ruffled the fabric. I am going to make these this weekend/week and can get by with the sewing machine, as I just made the crib sheet, but need lots of instruction :)

  2. Hi there, I'm late commenting on this, but where did you purchase your bumper pad insert?

  3. Andrea, {ashlie here} If I may speak for Roz who originally did the post, I got my bumper pads at Joann Fabrics. I'm not sure how much they go for (it's been a while since I purchased them). I never like paying full price for anything and Joanns ALWAYS has coupons either on their website, mailers, or their app on a smart phone. Hope this helps!!

  4. Hi!! Just finding this tutorial. Love it! But was wondering what 'DI' stands for on where you bought the bumper pads? I just looked at Joann Fabrics but they are $30, Amazon is $19... your $3 sounds much better!! :) Thanks for your help ~Emily

    1. Howdy! Sorry for the delay in responding! DI is a Mormon term for Deseret Industries which is like Goodwill or Salvation Army--just another thrift store really :) We've switched blogs so come check us out @ :)


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