March 13, 2012

Ruffled Crib Skirt Tutorial

This tutorial is really easy, just a little time consuming. But that's coming from a non-sewer, so if your anything like me, you can't sew for hours and hours. I get numb bum. So I have to take a lot of snack breaks ;) Anyways. Here's what you'll need:
*3 yards of material {this was my black material-and I had lots of extra so you really don't need this much, but it was super cheap. So the more the merrier right?}
*2 yards of ruffle material {this was my damask material}
*1 1/2 yards white material {I just bought a nice looking sheet from DI for $2 and washed it four times ;)}
First- You'll want to measure your crib, because these measurements are what I came up with. I cut out three pieces of my black material, all 9 inches long. The two sides were 26 inches wide and the front piece was 52 inches wide. SO:
-Two 9x26
-One 9x52
{of the black material}
Second- I cut strips for my ruffles. On each panel I had three ruffles, two damask and one black. I made each ruffle 6 inches long and double the length of each of the black pieces.
Third-I hemmed the bottom and sides of all pieces of my fabric so they would look nice and not fray. I don't have a serger, but if you do, use it here!
Fourth- Get your ruffle strips and make them into ruffles! I just put my sewing machine on the lowest tension and the longest length and it gathered my material for me!
Fifth- Pin those ruffles onto your black strips of fabric. I just added my ruffles right onto my black piece of fabric {I'm Lazy} ALSO on the top ruffle, sew the top of the ruffled part RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER, then flip it over so the top stitch {mess} is hidden. Then I just added the other ruffles right underneath the top one.
Is this making sense?
Sixth- Add your three panels to the white sheet so they are all connected, I did right sides together again, so you have a nice clean edge.

AND YOUR DONE! Add this beauty to the bottom of your crib, and ENJOY!  I love all the ruffle goodness. I should mention, I was going to add ruffles all the way down the fabric, but I figured the top two ruffles would be covered by the wood anyways, AND when you lower the crib, instead of covering the ruffles, you just tuck in the black material and your ruffles still look amazing!

I'm getting closer! Now I just need this darn crib painted white, and a splash of turquoise with a crib sheet and puff quilt and this nursery will be ready for my baby girl!

Let us know if you make your own RUFFLED CRIB SHEET, we'd LOVE to see your results ;) Also, if you have any questions/comments feel free to ask and comment away!



  1. ADORABLE!!!! What a lucky baby!

    I just took down the crib (sniff sniff...) for the last time :( we moved into a BIG GIRL BED.

    I'll get over it. :)

  2. non-sewer whatever! Your projects always amaze me. I was needing a crib skirt, but didn't really want to buy one. Time to go through that garbage bag of fabric I keep stored in the back of the closet, lol.


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