About Me

So about me... 
I'm really a big GOOF.  Anyone that knows me well can vouch.  I don't always say the right things but I always try to make things right.  Here are a few diddies...
  • I have the biggest sweet tooth!  It may have to do with the fact that I grew up in my grandma's candy store or that my first word was chocolate (honest!).  Sweet stuff runs in my veins making me naturally sweet!
  • I married my hubby in December of 2005.  I can't really say he was my high school sweetheart since we very much disliked each other back then.  But it's a good thing I changed my mind about him, since he my absolute BFF.  He's amazing. PLUS he loves to cook  and he does laundry :)
    • Our first "baby" was Samee, an english bulldog.  She LOVES to sleep and jumps at the opportunity to go on walks
    • Our first real baby was born in December of 2010.  She is a run for the money.  We call her our sour patch kid.  Sour at times, but she always knows how to make our heart melt with her effervescent sweetness.
    • Baby # 2 came 17 months after our first.  He is one dangerously handsome dude and is never in a bad mood.  Always happy and boy does he love to eat!
  • I've been sewing for a few years now.  It all starting wanting to make a quiet book for my nephew before him and his family left for Japan. I'm still learning what not to do...one day I'll be good at it 
  •  My mom is an amazing woman and I want to be just like her.  I'm also like my dad (imagine that?!).  That makes me happy too since he's the hardest working person I know.
  • I like to eat.  Anything.  
    • My husband and I love finding new places to eat---when we get the chance to eat out
    • I have to eat breakfast first no matter what.  Even if it's one in the afternoon, it's not right to start off the day missing a meal.
  •   I find it weird when my hubby calls me by my first name
    • I usually get called babe or Schmoe-a nickname he gave me when we first started hanging out which I later urban dictionaried.... I'll just forget I did that.
  • I get the case of the Mondays every Monday.
  • I love animals.  Just don't ask my sister about "the fish incident"
  • I have a favorite brother and a favorite sister.  
  • At one point in my life I wanted to be an architect, but I strongly dislike math.  I also wanted to be an astronaut.  Darn you non mathmatical skills!  
    • Even though I don't have a degree (-yet), I'm doing something that I love: being a mom and a wife..
  • I strongly dislike slow drivers
    • and ice machines that don't work properly
      • and cold feet
        • and when my couch gets cluttered
          • and when I run out of ice cream

Enough about me! Go check out more of my blog already!  

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