February 10, 2013

Much needed TLC

I took it upon myself to take a l-o-n-g weekend break...my first week back?  Yes.  I've worked so hard on all three posts...

Bahaha not really.

My hubby buns usually works nights and the last few days he's worked mornings so we've been hanging out.  We needed some much needed TLC time which since I will be leaving him for a week to go "home" to see the 'rents.  And I already miss him.  awww... right?

BUT! I have been working on some super scrumptious printables that I will be selling on etsy and I am SUPER excited about them.  I've been trying them out and they are oh so sweet!  So watch out for those coming up because I will be doing some freebie giveaways to celebrate.

Speaking of awesomeness:  Time is winding down for the ePattern sale going on.  Click here to get the scoop!

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