February 6, 2013

Something fishy's going on here

 I'm sure this won't be the last time that I say: What in the sam hills would I do without Pinterest?! 

February is a huge birthday month for us and since our budget is, well tighter than Joan River's face,  I've resorted to homemade gifts.

I was planning on making finger puppets for sweet Cavinos birthday, but our silly Samee dog ran off and had us up until 2 in the morning looking for her... Long story short I lost patience with that project and moved onto something else.

We had just come from ice fishing this last weekend and little Ev had such a blast that I thought a fishing game was in order.  I found the most adorable fish printables here by tricia-rennea.  And my plan came around perfect circle.
like ev's leg and blanket shot?

Here's what I came up with:

  • fish printables from here
  • hot glue gun (i originally had double stickies, but didn't hold like I wanted)
  • paper clips
  • clean empty soup can
  • stick 
  • cutsie twine from Target -
  • magnet
  • printable for can - which you can download to your computer and personalize it via picmonkey.com or in Word.
1. print them out (on cardstock) and cut them up
2. hook them with paper clips
3. glue
4. glue twine to stick and magnet
5. wrap and glue printable to soup can
6. play!

Ev seem to like it. She had a hard time getting the magnet to stick to the fish since it also likes the side of the can so next time I might find something a little wider and non metal, but at least it's a fun container to keep your fishy's in.

 some other thoughts to use this printable:

  • matching colors 
  • mobile
  • fun little printable to cut out and put in a frame (for a bedroom or bathroom)
  • tags
  • ...i thought i had more thoughts in my brain.  haha
If you have any inventive ideas on ways to use show your love and post a comment.

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1 comment:

  1. Too cute! Stone would love to go "fishing"! I might have to make this for him to play while I feed the new little one.


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