February 11, 2013

VDay is coming...


Valentines day is just days away.  Excited?  For me, yes and no.  More no than yes.  My husband lost his father last Valentines Day and so this year especially will be hard.  Holidays are such a hard time for anyone that has lost someone dear.   

I've been thinking a lot about Valentines Day the past week and I've been trying to figure a way to shy away from such a negative connotation for February 14th in our house, but part of me knows that we (and he) are still grieving and are still healing and just need time. 

Holidays like VDay this were alway fun for me growing up and we kids always looked forward to them.  My mom always made them so special and would do a fun VDay breakfast, can we say belgium waffles with strawberries and ice cream?! and gave us thoughtful little gifts-some which I still remember to this day.  Holidays period were special in my house which is something I try to do in my house.  Nothing ever big, but enough to make us remember we are loved.

So unfortunately I don't have a gift for my hubby this year since he didn't want anything, but I still want to make it a special time for my kiddos.  Target, (like Pinterest) what would we do without you?

I found the cutest tiny bags for $1 and these mailboxes?!


I (of course) wait to last minute as to what I will be putting in these.  Still need to squeeze some brainstorming time in my day before it gets here, but wanted to shout out to you:

*What makes your VDay special?  What do you do for your family/friends/spouse? Do you have any special traditions for Feb. 14th?  

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  1. Those mailboxes are so cute!! I hope Vday isn't too painful for you and Brent. We'll be thinking of you. Love you guys.


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