February 1, 2013

Here again, I'll stay for tomorrow

As my husband says...

new year resolutions don't start until February, it gives you time for your resolutions to sink in, evolve.

So that's where I am.  A new year, a new month, a new leaf to turn over.  I took over this blog as my sister is busy chasing her sweet little one around and saving the world one cavity at a time and I am a newly broken in stay at home mom that desperately needs an outlet.

I love my two kiddos more than Tillamook Chocolate Chip Ice Cream anything and sometimes I just need a Calgon to "take me away".  So welcome to my newly christened "Calgon".  I mostly just do whatever I want in life (not in a bratty sense, more like-I think I'll have a frozen cookie for breakfast ...) and figure what better way to express myself than to do just whatever I want and have people read about it.

Sound a little strange?  Being a novice writer and blogger, i'm not always going to be eloquent, and do or say the right thing.  But what I want you, my readers to know that I'm a person who cooks, cleans, organizes, attempt to sew, wrestles with two adorable kiddos who I'd hog tie the moon for, am married to the most bestest husband in the world, who sometimes yells and throws tantrums worse than my two year old, cries, laughs, create somethings out of nothings, I succeed and fail at  bugeting/couponing, plus try to make everyone happy, among many many other things and feel the desire to share that with whoever wants to share this crazy thing called life together.  I read many other blogs, stalk follow them on Instagram and feel as if we've been friends forever.  And really, who can have too many friends?

The blogosphere is vast and many and I realize there are a million (literally!) other blogs to read from, but this is my imperfect self ever striving for perfection and l love every frustrating and rewarding moment of it.  Just as I do my sweet little family, my church, my friends, my room for improvement talents, and my dog-when I remember to feed her.

I don't favor too many things over another, but I will tell you I am a stay at home mom, that like the rest of us just wants to make the world a little bit better, a little cleaner and brighter, and somewhere you can take off your shoes and just be you.

Welcome to the new chapter for t{rulie-scrumptious}, because I feel that there is just a bit of trulie scrumptious in every day.

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  1. I'm a new stay at home mom too!! It's tough but I love it. Can't wait to keep reading Ash!


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