November 1, 2012

Still alive?

Yes, we're still alive.  And how I've missed you!  I think about writing every day, but just can't seem to get around to it.  
You can probably tell we're also trying to revamp our blog (again).  Finding something that we both love to look at being far away from each other has posed as a challenge.  We're working on it so please be patient :)

Also, I royally messed up my computer and need to get it fixed...grr. 
 dang you technology.
(hence, no pictures)

As of now, I'm at home full time (which you'd think I'd have more time...?) and am still trying to get into the swing of things-its a lot harder than I thought.  I've always had to work with the kiddos and now, it's a whole different ball game to me.

Routines and schedules are still in the works of being established and I have to ask, with two kids under the age of do you do it?  The kids, the house, sleep schedules, your sanity?  Any tips that work for you?  I know a lot that doesn't work and am working on finding things that work.  Any good books that you recommend for toddlers; any pins or links?  The terrible twos, I feel are coming along faster than I'd like and I feel vastly unprepared...

Much love,

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