August 2, 2012


So, we've been wanting to take a new spin on our blog and start talking about things that are {trulie-scrumptious} to us and to our readers. We've both recently had babies, so what's more scrumptious than our kids? Baby B recently had her 2 month shots and was great for about 4 days, and then she became super fussy and I'm not sure if it's because of the vaccinations or just a little phase she's going through. I asked a few friends on Facebook and it brought up the heated topic of Vaccinations. I'll be honest, I always just thought you got them! But it was brought to my attention that you have the choice to decline vaccinations if you choose to do so. I found this very interesting and it made me realize how uneducated I am about vaccinating my kids! So, I thought what better way to find out information than asking our fellow mothers and readers out there. I love hearing personal stories and experiences rather than reading an article online. So, I'm intrigued! To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate, that is the question.... Let's hear it moms!


  1. I definitely think it is a new "trend" to not vaccinate our kids. No one likes the idea of it, or having an uncomfortable baby. But if you look at the history of the diseases we are vaccinating against you can see that they have worked! The reason our kids aren't crippled by polio is because vaccines have helped eradicate it. Before the vaccine was introduced in 1955, polio was very common and several thousand people in the US were affected. We went from seeing 35,000 cases to 2,500, to 61, because of the vaccine. (See With so many people choosing to not vaccinate their children we will see these diseases reappearing more and more.

    Whooping cough is one that has reached epidemic proportions in Washington state as of April. Here in Idaho we have a higher than national average as well. (See A friend of a friend's baby died of whooping cough before he could get vaccinated (I will try to find their link to their blog and news station that featured their story).

    So, while I want to cry when my kiddos cry from getting a shot, and I just did on Tuesday with my 8 week old, the pain and discomfort is short lived compared to contracting a preventable disease. I couldn't live with myself if one of my babies died from something I could have prevented, so it doesn't really seem like a choice to me.

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  3. Hi Ashlie,
    Yes, this is an extremely controversial topic. In my opinion the best thing you can do is educate yourself on what is IN the vaccine. If you understand what the Dr is injecting into your babies (mercury, preservatives, heavy metals, etc) at least that way you are making an educated choice (whether or not you choose to vaccinate) instead of following what someone else thinks you should do. Never assume someone is right or knows what they're doing until you've educated yourself.
    Good luck!


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