September 24, 2012

nooks and lazies

...yeah, it's been almost two months since our last post.  do you still remember us?  i can't blame you if you don't.

it seems we've been on an unintentional sabbatical with our lovely blog and i don't know about you, but i miss it.  every time i make something new that i've found on pinterest (follow me here) and i think "gosh, this sure would make an awesome tute...but every time i have let it slide :{.  i know right? ...pure unadulterated lazies is what i call it.

but this time as i was making pitas-i'm waiting for them to rise, little miss is watching totoro and the mr. is chilling in his chair and i thought -hey, why not update our sad little blog?!  sure the kitchen floor needed a good sweepin', but in the coin toss-you guys won.  feel special?

thought you might :}

to give you an update on what's going on in my life - real quick since the mr. is starting to fuss and squirm- he is 4 months now (um where did the time go?!) little miss is 21 months going on 15 and i am now at home full time.  which i'm kind of in love with.  having no extra income to pay bills...not so much.  but what makes me happy are my little ones-of course- and the million and one projects lined up.

this is my new workspace:

 i really love it!

it so doesn't look like that right now.  i'm working on a cover for my sewing machine so it's not so out there while i'm eating my breakfast-since it's in the kitchen-and i'm kinda all over the place.  trying to create a workspace in a little home like mine, you've got to be creative.  speaking of being creative...

-where do you do your crafts?  do you have a whole room dedicated to your craft or  do you nook it like mine?
 i want to jazz it up a tish so it's not so random
-any ideas-pictures-inspiration that you might get my wheels crankin' upstairs?  i'd love to see.

trulie i would ;)

and one day i'll get a flikr group going for this joint.  i know i could easily look it up, but if you have any help or tips for me, those i think would be more helpful than asking jeeves.  (if he still exists-lol)

much love,

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