July 19, 2012

now you see it, now you don't!

We are doing lots of updates here at the Eborn residence, and gosh it feels goooood!
I took down the lattice on our back patio with much hesitation-I thought I loved it and could barely see myself parting with it.

Turns out.  I hated it.  
Once I tore it down I loved how it opened up our {tiny} patio and makes our space look much bigger.

Wanna know what else we're getting ready for?
Paint!  Whoo!
 But know what else we did?
Tore off the front of our siding.
Actually it fell off.  Apparently whoever built the house never caulked it resulting in a big rotting piece of wood.  Classy right?

People! Caulk is your friend!!  Use it!

But the hubster is all over it.  He's pulling out youtube videos of all sorts and visiting the local lumber yard trying to diy.  Just a little excited/nervous/anxious to get the rest of the outside finished!

much love,

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