July 18, 2012

just come sit a while with me

Waaaay back a the beginning of the month, I gave myself the challenge of doing the photo a day challenge; which I've stuck pretty darn good to.  See recent posts hereherehere, and here.  More to come!!  
What a great blessing this little challenge has been for me to really take a moment to stop and smell the roses, as you say, and focus on how best capture each moment.  It's just been kinda awesome creating little memories out of a silly little challenge. 

We just recently purchased these bright red chairs, and ooooh how I love them!  Sad thing was I stuck them out on the porch and hadn't even had a chance to sit in them yet.
I went outside (coincidentally chair day) to get the mail while little miss E toddled along.  I rushed past her, grabbed the mail and watched her get into one of the chairs on the porch.  All I could think about was how long it would take me to get her back inside. Goo!  I had so much to do that day!  I went up the porch grabbed the door knob and said, Ok E, let's go inside!  Common!  She just looked up at me and gave me the most earnest and sweetest smile that said: Momma, just come sit a while with me.
So I did.  
For the rest of the afternoon, I forgot about the mail.  Forgot about the pile of laundry on my couch and everything else and we just sat.  Ate watermelon (a lot of watermelon as you can see from her chin :) and watched the clouds and cars go by.  Giggling and having fun. 

And you know what the best part was?  
Watching her smell our pink roses on the front porch.  Funny how she watched me do the same thing while I sat in my red chair. 

much love,

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*Note:  I find it very bothersome to have two accounts on Instagram.  I will keep @truliescrumptious up, but from now on will be updating my @aeborn32 with my photo a days :)

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