July 17, 2012

Forever in Blue Jeans

I like me a good pair of jeans.  Who doesn't right?  I've got like a million eight good pairs that I quite enjoy, but when the heat gets turned up, my alabaster legs need some {serious} sun.  So what's a girl to do with all these jeans and no jean-shorts?  Give 'em a good trim, that's what!  Now this isn't brain surgery; it's quite the opposite.  It will possibly take you all but five minutes to pull this off, so let's get to it!

Minute one: What's your length?  Mine is 23".  I like me a long short since I was blessed with tree trunks instead of toothpicks-which I'm fine with.  I just know what works best for me.
Minute two: Cut-a-the-pant-a.  I super {heart} my rotary cutter paired with my clear measuring thing-y.  Best thing next to pb and j in the sewing world-hm...at least to me =}
Minute three:  Take three or four seconds to admire you hard work.  Now take a deep breather-the end is nigh.
Minute four: Sew a zig, then a zag, if you will.  I find the zigzag is such a great stitch.  Not only does it look super duper festive, but its strong- like bull against fraying.   Because who knows when those pesky strands suddenly get a mind of their own and go bezerk and just start withering up your pant leg like raggedy-ann-type chaos.  Good thing you have your zig-zag bull to keep them in check.  
*wow did I really go on that long about a zig zag stich.... goo.
Hope you didn't fall asleep because you've got one more minute in your five minute jean short transfiguration. 

5. Try 'em on and strut your stuff, Daisy Duke!  Do a famous self-portrait-in-mirror and show off those sexy tree trunks {baaha! not true for you, I'm sure} to your bloggy friends.  It will totally make them jealous of your tree-mend-ous jean-to-shorts-transfiguration-skills.  Next to your rotary cutter and plastic measuring thingy-you're pretty much a genius!  Roll 'em, fray 'em, leave 'em as is- heck get out your BeDazzler for heavens sake and jewel up them pockets and bling, bling 'em.

So go on, go rummage through your closet, find a pair, pick a pair-really any pair will do.  Just don't cut you brand new all time favs.  You might cry and then come hunt me down with plastic thingy and your rotary cutter in hand.   We don't want that.
The best part?
They fit, require no gasoline or travel time, and are *f-r-e-e*.

Sweet air pic no?  
{Oh my lanta...}


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