April 24, 2012


To be honest, I haven't felt like doing much this month...so I haven't.  I know I've been horrible, horrible, HORRIBLE keeping tabs on our blog.  My excuse is that I'm feel so big and have been chasing around a 16 month old until I just about collapse onto my bed each night and wait until the sandman can sprinkle his sleeping dust on me.  Which apparently doesn't work well when little Mr. inside my belly tells me he's up and wants to party like it's 1999.  
Not cool.
Today is a new day and even though I still have about 2 weeks left I feel refreshed.  Most likely because I got my carpets (AND!) couches cleaned yesterday and everything feels so...clean in my house.  It's the best feeling. Ever!
(Well, apart from being done with being preggers and holding my little one for the first time...)
I surely can't wait for that.

Lately I've become addicted to Instagram on my iPhone.  I'm totally in love with it.  I don't have a super fancy camera (-which I will totally have someday!!) so most of the time, my iPhone has to suffice.  Here's what we've been up to in the last little bit...

1.  Say hello to my little friend... Getting more and more bulbous everyday and I'm actually loving my belly this time around.  Carrying a boy is so much different from my girl.  He's just a big ball of moving-ness--if that's a word--and really not much more.  If I had to choose for next time...I'd say I would want to carry another boy!

2. Nutella Monster, as we call her.  She would eat the whole jar if I let her.  At snack time (which is my favorite time of the day) our favorite thing has been Nutella and graham crackers...Mmmm sounds delightful, no?

3.  Playing Peek-a-Boo.  E loves to jump on our bed and play on it.  Especially if it's made...heaven help me :)  She loves to dig into the pillows and "hide" with Daahyy--her Dolly.  Nothing's better than hearing that girl laugh.

4. Enjoying the nice weather.  This was taken on Easter.  It was such a beautiful day we couldn't resist going to the park.  She and her daddy walking hand in hand as the sun sets.  There's really nothing more priceless.

5. My Bookworm Beauty...We bought her some sunglasses in hopes to keep the sun out of her eyes while traveling in the car.  They never stay on that long, but this time they stayed on long enough for me to get a good snap.  She loves, loves, LOVES to read and will even read to herself at times-which is the cutest thing in the universe since it's just jibberish.  Love my baby little girl.

You can follow my pics @aeborn32.  Happy Tuesday!!


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  1. Oh sounds so much like me, but I still have 10 weeks to go...or maybe less I hope. Take it easy and enjoy these few weeks left till you meet you meet your new little one!


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