April 27, 2012

Care for a Savory Bite?


So, as I may have mentioned before-- as you may recall...

I {heart} Pinterest.

Not only does it solve my savage preggers hunger at dinner time, but it also allows me to carouse for dessert.  And really, who doesn't love to carouse?

With little Mr., as with Miss E, I have horrendous heartburn.  Absolutely horrible.   And unfortunately the foods I crave and love the most give me that horrendous heartburn.  {Enter: Zantac 150}

As I was exploring some ideas to console my sweet tooth, I came upon a flourless chocolate cake recipe here.
Intrigued, I made it since usually flour is the culprit of my esophageal  discomfort and it...

it was....


Rich, but delish.
A few simple ingredients and tastes just like a brownie.  Crispy on the outside and gooey glorious goodness in the center.
Thank you Skip to My Lou!

But as I often do, I took it a step further and put...

wait for it...

Strawberries on it.

Can I get a yum-yum?

Also goes most excellent with ice cream, bananas, and sounds slightly weird-but good with peanut butter--that may just be the pregnancy in me-you be the judge and put whatever fix-ins you want on it.  And relish in every savory bite.

And yes, I've just about eaten the entire pan, but I really don't care because it seems to be acid reflux proof.   Which I find very scrumptious.  

Almost {trulie} scrumptious...

1 comment:

  1. YUM YUM!!! Wait...did you say flourless??? (how is that even possible...it like, basically is the same as defying gravity.)Oh mercy. I am so making this tomorrow!!!


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