January 3, 2012

A month of ORDER #1

"Order and simplification are the first steps toward the mastery of a subject".
                                             -Thomas Mann

As I have stated here I thought it would be fun, not only for me, but to share with you one word a month to focus on to have a happier, healthier, and all around trulie scrumptious year.  What's a new year without making some improvements from the previous year?

I've chosen ORDER as the first word for January since it is the beginning of a new year and what better time to throw out or donate the old and have a new fresh clean start.  I say, don't wait for spring to start the clearing out.  Start the de-cluttering and de-junking now so you have time to enjoy a tall glass of lemonade later.

To start our month, thanks to Jordan at funcheaporfree.com I have found a fabulous housework sheet that has a chore outlined for each day of the week.
Click pic for a link to her website to print off.

Perfect! not only to keep me on track throughout the week, but a great reminder to my sweet hubby buns of what I need help with during the week while I'm at work.

(He's such a great helper.  If you ever need to borrow him...you can't cuz he's all MINE-bahaha!)

I've used this list a full week now and it has saved up a lot of my time that I normally spend watching Netflix on my GB  folding laundry from the previous week.  For example I was able to get all my laundry done today (Monday) and while my last load of towels were drying, and my sweet little babe was asleep, I cleaned out my medicine cabinet.  Something simple.  Something small.
When I was finished, I was terrified knowing I had
27 way expired bottles,
 3 empties, 
1 AA battery, 
1 fly trap, 
6 packaged travel tissue, 
17 small matchbooks,
shoe polish,
eye goop for the dog,
nasal spray,
 1-6 pack of emergency candles,
and a few miscellaneous light bulbs hanging up there.
Terrified, as in all that wasted space!  Good thing extra time saved the day, no?
I had enough space to {FINALLY!} put all my recipe books where they should be. 
Which lead me to my guest bathroom cabinet... 
where I had some first aid supplies that have leaked from my medicine cabinet.
 I cleaned that out too.
Throwing away:
2 bug sprays
3 expired sun blocks
3 aloe vera bottles
and 1 EXTREME instant bronzer that I'm pretty sure I never used.
Along with:
a plethora of candles that I've had for the last 6 years and have rarely used.
1 basket
1 shelf stacker thing
-to be used at a later time

So noticing that I had an extra basket laying around, I turned to my laundry room nook and uncluttered that as well:
and added my new{ish} basket and filled it with all my miscellaneous laundry "stuff" and added a small tin from my Fossil watch of long ago to hold various zippers, buttons, ect that have fallen off to be reunited {eventually} to their respective article of clothing.  I had completely forgotten about that basket. It's a good thing I found it...it's too cute to not be seen every day.

Can't wait to officially tackle another weekly chore and find something else to clean out. 

Think I'm crazy yet...?
It may just be my preggo hormones-or it may not.  I haven't decided which it is yet. :}

Try Jordan's cleaning agenda and see how it simplifies and brings more ORDER your life.




  1. Thank you so much for featuring my site! I'm glad it's working for you :) Love your site!
    Jordan Page, www.funcheapofree.com

  2. Love it!! I may try that sheet out. I was doing laundry on Monday's, and started to slack off. Need to get back on track!


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