January 5, 2012

A month of Order #2

So I love how Pinterest is like the internet.  You search for something and you get a million great ideas...although, you really don't know if you're going to get something great in a Google search.  Hmmm...
you might get something kinda random.
I love how I can type in Bill organization and BAM!  I instantly have a ton of ideas already searched out for me-I just have to pick one.

For todays contribution to a new year and a new month of order, I found this awesome little tid bit on how to organize your household bills courtesy of applevalleygirl.blogspot.com.  She has some super awesome tips on how to keep all your bills in check and in order.

Now a little background on my hubby and I's bill pay style.

We don't have one.  (cough, cough)

Pretty much since little E has been born, he's taken over the majority of the bill paying which has been nice, but on the flipside I don't know at all what's been paid and what hasn't.

Money/Saving/Bill Paying is a concept that we're still trying to put a tab on and can be a real touchy and sticky subject for some people-cuz let's face it: money sucks when you don't have it.  It's better all around when you have some.  But, I don't believe that it's everything.  We're just happy being comfortable.  So back to my point- ahem...
Coming up with this easy and clutter-free idea was pure genius.  Thank you applevalleygirl!

I was so excited to put it together last night and when my husband came home, I was in his face excited to show him what I had come up with.  I even made a binder cover for it...
everyone say awwww...

I was in pure ecstasy last night because not only did I get to put my cool new bill binder together, but I had new ink, my printer worked (FINALLY), and I just downloaded a new version of Word that works like a dream...my other one wouldn't work worth squat.  (grr..)  But we're happy now so let's move on to my binder.

Inside you'll find:
Everything minus our laptop to pay bills: a calculator, checks, stamps, return address labels, and a pen with a highlighter all in a happy little pencil bag.

Next you have:
A print out of all the months.  January through December.  (I just used my Outlook calendar to print off the months.)  Then on each day the bill is due you write it down accordingly.  
Gas bill is due on the 14th...  
Once it's paid it is marked off with a red pen.  Or an orange highlighter.  Your choice. ;)

Cool huh?

But wait.

There's more...
Labeled tabs that will house all the paper bills so no filing is required.  You can't see very well, but for example I have a slot for medical, insurance, mortgage, ect... That way we always have a copy for our records to file at the end of the year.  The online bills we have under different slots in my email account, but are still noted on the calendar...

Exciting huh?  Not saying this will work for everyone, but I'm very confident that this will be a good system for us and that it's easy enough for my dog to keep track of the bills.  

Watch out for more ways to keep your month of January in ORDER


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