November 8, 2011

A little Holiday wishlist...

I feel like Christmas is beginning to creep up and all the sparkle and dazzle has put me in the mood....

To make my holiday craft-list.

So allow me to blog my pinterest craft-list in hopes to get my GB off the couch
 {while watching Gossip Girls and eating ice cream... } 
and get a'holidacraftin' ;}

Ornament Bundle
 Poinsettia Pillow
 Monogram Glass Ornament
 Reindeer Stocking Hooks
 JOY Stocking Hooks
 Hanging Lighted Ornament
Pictures from Pottery Barn and Real Simple

And speaking of lists--

  As I was browsing I found the funnest webbie ever... 
And I found this:
A printable holiday list.  
Maybe not your idea of fun, but it gives me the giggles to think I  can have a calendar to plan out the rest of my weeks before Christmas.

It's the simple things in life, really.

Well as you can see... I've got a list to make.

Make that lists ;)

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