November 10, 2011

Getting To Know You Week #2

What a week so far! 
 {It's been a Gossip Girl marathon week} Sad I've been totally addicted to watching, er sewing!  
But seriously.  
I've got a month before my little E turns one{!} so I've been busy trying to get things corralled together so I won't be a complete mess and have a {mental} breakdown right before her big day.  

Here's a sneaker peak!


It's Thursday, time to get to know me better! 
This is a meme hosted by I Am A Reader Not A Writer

1: If you were stranded on a desert island what three things would you want with you?  
             Limitless amount of books.   Chapstick.  My Spunky.

2: What is one book everyone should read?  
             The Giver. It's one of my favorites.

3: If you could have any superpower what would you choose?  
             Teleportation, so I could go anywhere I wanted without having to pay baggage fees.

4: Harry Potter or Twilight?  
             Harry Potter all the way.  I'd rather be a wizzaaaarrrrd than a vampire ;)

5: Gum or breath mints?  
            Gum, gum, gum.  It's a habit that I will never leave me.

Happy Thursday All!

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  1. Love The Giver too!! --I'd teleport myself to Hawaii!! Love it there!!! --btw, your sewing project is looking good! 1yo is pretty big. :)

  2. GIver is my absolute favorite fiction book!! Baggage fees, lol. You make me laugh.


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