September 28, 2011

Pantry Organizing Tips

I am down to one closet! WHOO.  If nothing else this has been a great motivator tool for me to get to de-clutter and organize all my closets in three weeks, which normally would have taken me probably three decades.

I am on to challenge my pantry which has been cleaned and organized in the past, but has become a complete disaster.  My mom tells me, "Oh, Ashlie,  your so organized (her words, not mine) your pantry looks just great."  Oh, but mom...remember how I'm kind of a neat freak?  It cannot just be.  It must be just so.  My husband doesn't get it either.  But he also has socks in his car trunk- dirty, smelly socks mind you, that have been held hostage there for who knows how long.  Bleeh!
I remember being a  tween (is that what they're called now?)  and I would spend so much time organizing and reorganizing my bedroom.  Always moving my bed and dresser around multiple times during the year.  Then shoving all my crap onto my "sisters' side" of the room, making her look like the messy one.  (which she really was.  i just helped her :)

But of course, like any high strung crazy person, before I dive into my pantry mess I'm searching online for the prettiest pantry just for me to copy and finding out the scoop on what's what in pantry organizing tip land (if there is such a place).

I found an awesome article on Better Home & Garden here.   I think I like it so much, I'll copy the idea for my own little nook.  Here's a small play by play:
  • {Zone 1} Have a spot for impromptu entertaining (or a lazy night of cooking): paper plates, cups, plastic utensils, napkins.  
  • {Zone 2} Baking "stuff"  You know, the flour, sugar, cake and brownie mixes.  Oooh and the chocolate chips! Mmmmmm... Always make sure they're in a easy access spot for "just a little snack".
  • {Zone 3} Easy Weeknight meals.  Which for me is a can of soup or chili :)  I don't really have any one to cook for on the weeknights, so my dinners don't have to be that impressive. But BHG has a great idea of having bins and a complete meal in each bin to just grab it and make.  No real thinking required (except ahead of time)  Perfect for those zombie days where you just want food but have no idea where to start.  Awesome!
  •  {Zone 4} General Food Storage.  Cream of chicken, beans, corn, and don't forget your mandarin oranges! :)
  • {Zone 5} I didn't really like because I'd most likely put my zippy bags by {Zone 1} BTW it was a lunch making station, brown bags, ect.
  • {Zone 6}  Quick and easy Breakfast.  Cereal, oatmeal, bagels, oh my!
  • {Zone 7} Tools and appliances.  I love my breadmaker.  But.  I really don't use it as often as I'd like.  Most likely because I keep it in the garage.  I know that if I will create a {Zone 7} for it, I can make a loaf everyday.  Along with my quesadilla maker, ice cream maker, cookie dough mixer...ok.  I'm hungry. Time to go make myself a giant cookie quesadilla ice cream cone snack to gear up some energy to get in my "Zones"

*Last week to round up your Prettiest Closets and enter your blog post link to win!  Check out the info here and here.

Happy Hump Day!


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  1. This is awesome!!! It's exactly what I needed to hear! Oooh, I'm feeling ambitious now! Thanks, gals! <3


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