September 15, 2011

My Closet is Prettier Than Yours...

You still up for the challenge?!
I actually had the intense drive to clean out both my linen closets in two days!  Whoo Hoo!
It only really took me about a half an hour to do each, but that's how much time I had between working full time (only this week~thank goodness!), young women's and a very cranky no nap baby 
(both days :P)

Here's my "master" sans paint....who paints their whole house after move in and doesn't paint the master bath...
Apparently we do : /
So white.
But once we decide on a color I would {love} to accent my closets (both linen and clothes closet} with with a coordinating color-just the walls...don't you think?
But for now, my mismatched towels that I finally got around to washing will have to provide the pops of color...
Guest Bath.
SOOOO nice to have finished!  I cleared out a lot of things that I didn't use or need and cleared out a ton of space.  I don't think I like my cleaning products on that fourth shelf, but until I get another closet cleaned out that's where they'll be.
Saturday I'll show you what I did with my laundry room closet.  SO pretty!  
You think yours are prettier?  
We'll just have to see about that.  Link them up and the prettiest once gets a prize!!
Details here



  1. OMGOSH....I am doing this....but my life is getting in the way! LOL I hardly have time to sit down this week! kah-razy!

  2. I'm going to have my afters up sometime tonight! I got the flu and the closets went on hold. But I feel better today, so should be able to finish them up.


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