September 27, 2011

Master Closet : Done!

Another dirty closet bites the dust!  BooYa! It took me 2-1/2 hours, but it was so worth it.  Will it stay this nice and neat?  Yes, until my husband gets home, but I've got pictures to prove it was CLEAN :) Just to warn you, you're going to find out that I turn 0 to neat freak by the end of this post, but I'm pretty sure you'll still {love} me.

I told you yesterday that I had an idea for my existing hangers because I'm so not going to go out and buy more...  I had a bunch of mixed colors, but it actually turned out VERY nicely.  It took the majority of my time, but I love the way it looks.  I segregated them by color (of course)
{that blue hanger is meant to be there-it's my only puffy jacket so I know where to find it :}

If you can't read my "writing"... green is for work shirts and my cardis-short to long and color categorized.  Then I have my maternity stuff in a bin, our swim stuff, my shorts and capris, then a few overnight bags.  White hangers are short sleeves, dress shirts (I moved Spunky's church stuff over to my side so I could justify putting all my jackets on his side), my skirts, dress pants and dresses.
Blue hangers (as in Brrr...lame, I know) are long sleeves.
Pants, socks and under things.

Spunky's side: His shirts, short sleeve (white), long sleeve (blue), gym stuff, shorts and my sweaters in the sweater thing-y, then the jackets :)
Finally! a place for missing socks.  Also somewhere to put clothes almost literally in my face so I can see them to fix holes, buttons, ect. away from sight, but yet still visible and easy to get to.
If you can't tell, I probably enjoyed this a little more than you're supposed to, but it's one less thing I have to worry about until I'm ready to comb through and dejunk once more.  
I do have one more closet that I intend to organize before the week is through.  (my pantry...)
Remember to get going on your closets and show us that your Closet is Prettier than mine.  Ends on Saturday :)



  1. Looks awesome Ash! Can you come do mine now? Thanks!

  2. oo, very nice! I love the basket for single socks and mending. Must find a place for that.
    I'm quite terrified to go to my next ain't pretty!


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