September 26, 2011

Check your closet

Good Monday to you all!
I will be organizing my master closet tomorrow-well today for you (last week of the challenge you know!).  I really can't wait; especially with a few tips that I found while surfing to help me along so I thought I'd pass them onto you.

  • Toss mismatched hangers (Since I'm not in the market to buy new hangers.  I'll show you Tuesday what I'll do that will save some coin, and your sanity-believe me, there won't be any {eek}wire hangers involved) 
  • Remove out of season items.  I've had my sweaters in my closet all summer...and now it's fall. 
  • {oooh, I like this one!} Hold yourself a fashion show.  Try everything on to make sure it still fits and place things into four piles.  Keep, Mend, Donate, Throw Away.  I know your keeping your "skinny jeans" til that one day when you'll fit in them again.  But go on, be strong-chuck 'em {or donate} and just treat yourself to a new pair that fit that sweet GB of yours.  A good rule of thumb to go by is if you haven't worn it in a year, say good-bye. (Doesn't count if your preggo :)
    • If you're still on the fence about whether you should keep it or not, flag your hanger and if you haven't seen it by the end of the season, you know your answer :)
  • As you try on in your one woman fashion show, take note of what looks good on you and what flatters your style for your next shopping trip.  It's only fair if you replace what you take out right?
  • Fold your sweaters, hangers don't do them any good stretching them out.
  • Organize according to your style. I personally like short sleeve to long sleeve then sort by color.  You can also sort by outfit, style, or whatever.
  • Use storage containers that work and use ones that you like.
  • Labels can be your friends.  It can also aid in making sure all your hard work stays in place where it should be.
  • Utilize your space using walls, backs of doors.  Create space where you can.
  • Hang or place items where you most use them at eye level.  There's no sense in busting your back everyday to reach up high for your favorite________{insert favorite item here}.
For more awesome tips check out this web site.  Good luck and happy cleaning!  


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