August 16, 2011


Well gosh! We both just got SOOOOO excited for next week's Tute-Sweet that we totally forgot to do one for you all today! I called Ash Bash this morning and said,
"Uhhhh did you do a Tute-Sweet today?"
Ash: "Nope, did you??"
I know we are UBER Prepared today... But come finals week I'm totally non-existent. I'm just like Belle off Beauty and the Beast with Her Nose stuck in a book! So out of the love of my heart and the love of our trulie-scrumptious readers, I'm sacrificing my much needed study time to write a MINI post on my FUTURE Ideas for a Tute-Sweet Tuesday! 

What would we ever do without Pinterest? HONESTLY I LIVE for pinterest! I rarely get on facebook anymore because I just love myself some pinterest time. So here are a few projects that I'm just dying to do.
 I'm in love with these DIY stripe curtain.
I need to make all new pillows for my couches, including this beauty right here!
I actually wanted to make this as a shower curtain instead..What do you think?

We're currently looking for a new place to live which gets me SUPER excited to re-decorate! What are your favorite color schemes for Kitchen's and living rooms? I'm having a hard time choosing!
Anyways, sorry this Tute-sweet was not so sweet, but next week is going to be A-Ma-Zing!!! Happy Tuesday everyone!
And here is a link to my pinterest if you want to see my other fabulous finds.


  1. I started following you on Pinterest. Greatest invention EVER.

  2. Oh MERCY!!! That pillow and those curtains are to die for!!! Ok, this settles it. I am so going to pintrest now...buh-bye! :)

    Oh, and good luck on finals! ((HUGS))


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