August 17, 2011

Ashlie's Favorite Things: MYO Baby Food

I think one of my favorite things about being a mom is being able to provide and nurture my family.  Even if I think cooking is a worse chore than loading the dishwasher {baking is my forte}.
Like tonight, I had a polish hot dog and zucchini squash with cheese.  Mmm... 
I know, you're totally dying to come to my house for dinner right now.
{But it really was good!}
But I love, love, love making my own {MakeYourOwn} baby food.  It's one of the easiest things I could ever comprehend, unlike comprehending the game of cribbage-which is like rocket science to me. 
{My husband can't understand how and why I don't understand it...}
 I know some peeps prefer the jared kind-which is great too; but for me this is a cost effective and creative way to get yummy somethings in my babys' belly, and um, remember that I like EASY and FAST?
My SIL, Taya told me about it and it sounded like a TON of work fun. But really the first time I did it,  I thought it was the bees knees! 
 {hmm do bees really have knees?  Time for Fruity Fact Friday research...}

If you've never done it, give it a whirl and see what you think!  
** If you are totally NOT interested in making baby food-hold on, I've got something for you too... just keep reading.

K, what you need:
Ice Cube Trays
Fruit &/or Veggies
For Veggies: Boiling water accompanied by a stove
A Blender or Food Processor
Small Spatulua/Spoon
Freezer (I'm pretty sure everyone has one of these.  Maybe two. Lucky!)

For las frutas:  First ya take the bananas, pears, peaches, apples, plums,nectarines what-ev. and you cut them into chunks.  Stick them in the blender, add a little bit of water and liquify them down to your preferred consistency. 

For las venduras:  Sweet potatoes, yams, carrots, zucchini, spinach,beans, what-have-you, cut them into chunks.  Boil them until soft and mushy.  Stick in the blender, add a little bit of agua and liquify them down to your preferred consistency.
*Hint: Use the water that you used for boiling the veggies in the blender.  If you have a steamer-more power to ya, or should I say more nutrients for ya!  I don't have one so I use the boiled water to put the nutrients back into my veggie, then save it in a tupperware (as long as it hasn't been sitting in my fridge too long) for the next time.  I like to do all my cooking in one afternoon so I usually use it up.  It takes a while since I only have two trays. :o} (*note to self: need more ice trays.) But it's worth it!
Pour into ice cube trays.  Use your spatula/spoon to help you so you don't get your counter all messy.  Like me. :/ 
Place in freezer.  Freeze.  
Once frozen, pop them out and place in a zippy.  I like to put the date and what it is, since some things tend to look similar in this frigid state.  If you need a little help popping them out, I use my knife to give me a little leverage.  Once zipped in tight, place in the freezer until your ready to use.  
I've heard that they stay good for around 3 months.  I just finished up carrots and sweet potatoes that I made July 26th! 
 Can I tell you how nice it is, when E is hungry to put her in her chair, pull out a couple of cubes, nuke them in the micro, poor a little rice or oatmeal cereal to thicken it up and 
Most excellente, I say.
And you can always mix and match.  Some plums with bananas, sweet potatoes with get the picture.

**For those of you that don't have to worry about making dinner for a little one, I got a frozen treat for you too.  Now, I have not tried it..yet.  Sounds pretty promising right?!
  I ran out of time today, but first thing when I get home from work tomorrow (if the temperament of my child allows it) I'm planning on testing it out to actually make sure it works.    

I've talked before about wanting food fast and easy, what, like a zillion times because honestly I go from 0 to starving in under 10.2.  Ask Spunky, he can vouch, cuz I get really grumpy.
I've been trying my hardest to get in the habit of eating healthier, not only for myself, but for my family.  Another great reason why I like to MMO{make my own} stuff-I know exactly what goes in it.  But more times than not, I buy a bunch of fresh produce with the best of intentions and I usually forget to eat it or I don't get to it in time and it goes bad.  It's a waste of food and money which to me, is a cryin' shame.  

So my idea is to... 


Know what?

You'll just have to wait and see.
{Talk about a cliff hanger!} 


So look out tomorrow to see what I've come up with.
I can tell you're so excited too.  

Aren't chya?
I thought so. 

Until tomorrow...



  1. I made all of my 2 year old's baby food. And I LOVED it too! I felt like I was doing good for him, and it was way cheap!

  2. Oh my heck why didn't I do this I am so doing it with my next baby. You guys are so cute and I just love reading all your posts. You should come and link this up at the party that I am co-hosting today.

  3. I LOVE making my own baby food... I did/do it with both of my babies! It is fun, cheaper, and healthier! Plus I too love being creative with the mixes... love it!

  4. Oh my goodness! I want to have a baby now just so I can make their own baby food!! hahaha. :)The mango one I want to eat for myself... it looks good! ha.

  5. Once my little man got to be close to 1, I would just take whatever we were eating for dinner and give it a twist in the magic bullet. That way, he was eating the same as us, just closer to a puree. It made the transition to eating as a family easier, and I didn't have any extra work! Good for you Ash, and that smoothie up there looks amazing:)

  6. I am SO doing this! Buying baby food is very expensive!

    Thanks for sharing at Show & Share!

  7. We did exactly this for our son. I'm just not sure why more people aren't doing it. So much better for the baby and cheaper. I know a $2 squash would last him well over a month. Thanks for sharing this, hopefully more people jump on the band wagon.
    Would love for you to link this up at
    Hope to see you there.
    New follower,


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