July 6, 2011

Have You Missed Us?

I hope none of you were holding your breath waiting for our next post.  These last couple weeks have slipped right past us before we could blink.  We have missed you all so dearly.  And I have a special treat for you...
Can you guess what it is?

Betchya can't...

Ok, ok.  
Remember when I did the picture wall post?  Yeah, like a million years ago?!  
Uh huh, so I {finally} finished it like two minutes ago. 
So proud of me, I know, I know... It makes me so happy knowing that I have a wall dedicated to my little family.  It completes my little house and makes it feel so cozy don't chya think?!  Who'da thunk it would take me several months to finish such a simple thing, but hey consider the source.  At least I got it done.  I got that done and several more things, I just haven't had the time to post, so keep a look out.  

Mmm and guess what?!  I was so lucky to see my sister this last weekend!!  We got to see each other over the 4th and it was so glorious.  I wish we could have gotten to spend more time together, but se la vi right?  Isn't she so beautiful?  I love her so much...

I love my sister too {heehee}.  And see that dress that little E is wearing?  Um, not to brag, but I made that.  Look out for that tute cuz it'll be coming.  Promise. :)



  1. Yaaaay, you're back! I was totally holding my breath. Passed out seventeen times. True story. :) Looks like you've had a lot of fun! Your wall looks FABULOUS! I've been wanting to try something like that...but I don't have that many cool pictures! (isn't that sad???) And I'm so happy you guys got to get together!

  2. Nat,
    um I'm pretty sure you have some awesome pics... Most of these were kinda old school. I have some when Brent and I were dating up through E's birth. But I just took some and did some B&W and beefed up the color on others and just printed them at the Wallygreens across the street. When you get yours all done up perdy we totally wanna see it =)


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