May 17, 2011

Tute-Sweet Tuesday: Picture Wall

 we don't just do crafts and workout everyday once in a while. We also have a niche for interior design.  Professionals we may not be, but I {ashlie} love to dabble in it. 
 It's what I originally came to Boise to do, but GO-FIGURE, BSU doesn't even have an interior design program. NOT EVEN ONE CLASS. {probably should have figured that out before I came...hmm} But nonetheless over the years I've tried my hand at having an "eye".  Don't really know if I have it, but I like to do it.  
Whoever doesn't love Pottery Barn probably has their pants on fire (liar, liar...).   I get their magazines in the mail every once in a while and I just drool over all the pretty little things that I can't afford.  It sometimes makes me sad {boo} but sometimes it makes me dust off the old brain of mine and get creating-cheapside.  
I've seen lots of great walls of fame {walls of fame: as in the wall of family pictures everyone has....on their wall} and I thought that I could never have one until I had a "family".  And if I really would have thought about it-that's not so true.  You can have one what ever your status.  I was just a little too dense at the time to even consider it.  You have a family whether it be a dog, lots of friends, one friend, a mom, dad, Chubby Hubby aka Ben and Jerry who lives in your freezer, a real hubby, lizard, baby who looks like a lizard, or great-grandma (or a grandma who is great!) or just you! and you should be proud to display for all who walk through your door.
{**You may have another way of doing this.  It might be smarter than mine.  If you'd like to share while laughing at the way I'm doing it, that's ok.  I'll only cry a little.  I know I love to learn all the ways of how to do something- even after I do it myself, mess up, and cry a little in the corner.
And by no means am I really good, I usually just make it up as I go.  (Nuts.  I just gave you my biggest secret...EVER!)  And to warn you, I am not patient as you will learn as we journey together on this blog.  Really. I'm not.  I very dislike watching paint dry.  Literally.  But this is how I did it.}
On Pottery Barn dot com (or you can just google it) you can find in their design center how to put together a Picture Wall.
Notice: the clean laundry that I was totally "getting around to"..
First, you need a wall. {imagine that?!} Then you want to cut out the sizes of the frames that you have.  I just used frames that I had laying around my house.  Seriously I opened a storage tub a couple months ago and found a bunch of frames that I had totally forgotten about.  Total score!  I used freezer paper-just cuz that's what I had laying around.  You can use wrapping paper, paper sacks, -whatev- to use as your paper frames!  Arrange the paper "frames" around to find a layout that you fancy.  In my case I just took a picture of the actual frames.
Oh, and measure...we need to measure the space we're gonna be putting it in to make sure everything fits. Don't wanna be making nail holes every where.  Like me. {Blaa}

{Don't worry.  I was able to cover this one up! teehee}
I really don't remember what the next step that PB says to do- eh - but i just "measured" exactly where the nail hole was on the photo on the paper frame so when I put it up on my wall with painters tape, I could just hammer a nail in that spot and call it good.
Next, hang your frames up.  
** Look at the good job I did!
(** I  know it's not what you pictured... Laugh if you will, but mine has been up for two months and I thought if I got up the frames I would finish putting pictures in it, but, I haven't "gotten to it". Yeah, just like my laundry.  But now I will go to and order pictures since I know how all of you will be losing sleep to see how it turns out. Then I can put an AFTER picture up... Doing. Right.... Now. :)
It took me forever to have all the frames the same color.  I had to spray paint.  My next project (besides putting in pictures) will be to buy matting so all of them have the same look.  After picture coming SOOOOON! 

Oh! P.S. we're over at Dang Gina-go take a look!! 
Dang Gina Gives


  1. Looks GREAT!! Can't wait to see more pictures!

  2. lovely! love your cute blog you two cute women!

  3. You need to come rescue my house! We've been in our townhouse for a year and I still haven't hung a single picture in the living room. I arranged the frames on the floor, but haven't loved anything yet, lol. Blah, white empty walls:)

  4. I Love you picture frame wall collage!! Good job on the spacing ;)

    Delighted Momma


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