June 28, 2011

A Craft Week for Ashlie

Hey ya'll!  
(now read it again in a Paula Dean voice...)
{teehee.  I {heart} her southern drawl-it's my favorito}

I was thinking the other day how I have SEW many projects in my garage... just sitting there patiently waiting for me to get off my GB lump lump and create them. Yes, these are the same crafts that my sister and I were supposed to do way back when.  But um-HELLO! there was a royal wedding going on that week!  That and I just wanted to hang with my homie-g Rrrr-ozalita ---that was more important.
Besides, we were too busy giggling at the octopus hat. Yeah, the one that sold for $130,000!!!
{teehee, octopus hat...}
But now I need to take action because they are filling up my corner in the garage and I have a sneaky suspicion the neighbor's cat has been hiding out there and who knows WHERE she's been hanging out... 
Don't worry. I checked my stuff and they aren't smelly cat.  Promise.
 So today I'm getting of my GB and trying to get some of these projects DONE!  
(It's not too bad if I let Fraggle Rock bbsit for a while right? I'm sure GoBo and Boober won't entirely rot out her brain-right?)

This is what I did today:
I bought this sweet night stand at DI for a whopping $6.
Awesome, right?

I sanded it. 
Nailed down some soft spots.
Gave it a good slap of paint, added a knob I had laying around... 
AND we have
 a sweet $6 night stand for little E.



  1. SOOOO CUTE!! Did you use like paint, paint, or spray paint? I still crack up everytime I read, GB. ha, LOVE IT!

  2. Thanks! I used paintl paint, stuff that I had in my garage (who knows how old it is ;). If you want to use a spray paint may I reccomend a high quality brand (and patience- I always try to rush it and it gets peels and bubbles and then I have to start over). The cheap stuff never looks as good as a good high end spray paint. -At least it hasnt ever worked great for me... Happy painting!

  3. CUUUUUTE! Holy cow, I would never have seen the potential in that piece! Way to go!!!

    And am I the only one who is SOOOO glad we don't parade around in HIDEOUS hats like we're so cool??? I could never be fashionable in Europe! Hahaha!

    P.S. I've missed you guys!

  4. Oh my heck that is sooo cute! Good job Ash!


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