June 23, 2011


We have yet ANOTHER FAB FASHIOINISTA! Everyone welcome 
Natasha from Lippylash...

Hi lovely followers of this blog, 

I'm Natasha from the blog lippylash. And I'm so honored that these to lovely sisters asked me to be a part of there fashion week. 
 I've been blogging for a couple of months now. This has been a perfect escape from studying and working for school. I study law and want to became an entertainment lawyer. This probably only sounds interesting to me.

When it comes to clothing I really don't have just one style. Sometimes I like to wear girly clothes with lots of pink and bows. But other times I want to look super classy and then I go for a more sophisticated look. It all depends on my mood. So I do walk around in sweats sometimes (but I try to keep this for inside my house).

Today I'm going to show you some of my spring/summer favorites. 

Bright colors:

I love wearing something bright with an otherwise pretty plain outfit. This can be a bright yellow tee, a pink skirt, green belt or even red shoes. It just ads that little pop I love. It can make any outfit interesting.


I love florals but it seems like I'm not the only one since all the stores are filled with florals. 
I think the most important thing to look at when buying floral prints is that the floral print is beautiful. Because if this isn't the fact the entire dress will look "ugly" because of it. 

When I am wearing a floral dress I always try to break the pattern with a simple belt. 


I really like bows and not only for spring or summer. I have a dress with little red bows all over it. This is how much I love them. I like bows for girly outfits but for a more classy look likes this one a bow is just an added bonus.

Blazers or jeans jacket: 

Jeans is so in style this season and a jeans jacket cannot be missing from my closet. The blazer is another piece that I needed to have. I now have it in several colors. Both are so easy to wear. Just throw it on and you look put together. 

And to finish it off a look that contains a lot of my favorite items. Bows, blazer and bright colors. 

I had so much fun writing this I hope you have fun reading it. 
A big thanks to Ashlie and Rozaynn for making me part of this Fashion Week. 




  1. Love it ;)


  2. Beautiful orange blazer! Love them for instant put together factor. I'm trying to build my collection and find them in all kinds of colors, fabric and cuts. So easy when I don't have enough brain space to come up with something creative.
    Van // The Clothes We Wear
    Wearing motherhood with style.


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