June 24, 2011

Fashion Fruity Fact Friday!

Happy Friday one and all!  If you're like me, I've been waiting for today ALL week. 
(It's been a long week :P )
But the weekend is in sight and it looks like it's gonna be a beauty and that make me one happy camper!

We are so happy to have had such fabulous fashion-istas visit our blog this week! I have been glued to the computer amazed at how they make fashion so fun and easy peasy!  I will be going through my closet (I've already started) to make it over so that I can walk out the door dressed in nothing but fabulous!   Baha.  I'm gonna need a little bit more covering than just my B-Day suit... But this week has given me MOTIVation to give my wardrobe and my closet a much needed makeover.  Project time!! WHoo! 

Here are some Fabulous Fashion Fruity Facts for your Friday 
(now that's a lot of F-words!)

Buttons On Jacket Sleeves.
According to information passed down through the ages, none other than Napoleon Bonaparte dictated that buttons be attached to jacket sleeves to stop the annoying habit soldiers had of wiping their runny noses on their jacket sleeves.
Vintage or Retro?
A clothing item is considered vintage if it dates from 1920 to 1960. After that date, an item is considered to be retro, which sounds totally 80's, no?
The Brassiere.
Would you believe the bra wasn’t patented until 1914? The bra was created by a young New York socialite named Mary Phelps who grew weary of having her camisole show when she wore a lace blouse. Using handkerchiefs, she designed the first rudimentary bra which she eventually had patented in 1914. Women everywhere loved Mary’s new design and the first bra took off in a big way. It was later that a woman named Ida Rosenthal started designing bras with different cup sizes.
The Bro.
 Bro – (related terms: mansiere, bra-less wonder) 1. a bra specifically designed for men 2. prototype invented by Cosmo Kramer after seeing Frank Costanza shirtless. 3. claims to help men “carrying a lot of extra baggage up there” to improve their posture, breathe easier and feel ten years younger. 4. develops into a potential business venture between Kramer, Frank Costanza and bra salesman Sid Farkus who likes the idea because “selling bras exclusively to women, we’re really only utilizing fifty percent of the market” 5. back of the garment closes with velcro instead of a hook, so there’s “no fumbling and struggling back there” when getting intimate with a woman.
The History of the Skirt.
Did you know the skirt is the second oldest women’s garment in history? It’s preceded only by the loin cloth in age. In Egyptian times, the skirt was worn by both men and women which can be verified by looking at drawings from ancient times.
The Invention of the Thong.
The thong has an interesting history. It was supposedly invented after the New York Mayor LaGuardia became enraged that the city’s nude dancers were exposing too much flesh. The thong was developed to keep the New York City dancers covered enough to placate the mayor.
Invention of the Bermuda Shorts.
Back in the 1930’s, women in Bermuda were forbidden to show their thighs in public. Female visitors and local residents wanted to wear shorts so they simply lengthened the length of their shorts to the knee to cover their thighs.

Happy Friday Everyone!!



  1. These are great facts. My favorite is The Bro of course!

  2. you know, I never thought as to why they called them Bermuda Shorts. Loved reading all the fun facts!


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