June 22, 2011

Knocked up Fabulous

We have such a fun treat for you all today. Pregnant ladies can be Fashionista's to! And April is the prime example of 
Knocked up and Fabulous
 {don't you just love that Catchy name?}
Everyone give a warm welcome to APRIL!

Hello fabulous Trulie-Scrumptious friends! This is April from Knocked Up Fabulous...yes, "knocked up" meaning pregnant and "fabulous" meaning keeping stylish during pregnancy (no sweat pants here!) I've been making my clothes work for me during pregnancy by shopping from my closet and picking up pieces from thrift stores...with the occasional shopping splurge.
Dressing during pregnancy can be tricky, but if you use pieces from your existing wardrobe and really utilize your accessories, you can look fabulous! Today I took one dress and, using accessories, created four different looks.
Shirt Vest
During pregnancy you should think about how to get the most from your existing wardrobe. Case in point - wearing a sleeveless button down shirt as a vest. Add a belt to help create shape (and show off the bump!)
Keep it Casual
Play down a dress by adding basics - simple scarf, flats, light summer jacket, a cross-body bag, and your favorite sunglasses (I love aviators!)
Metallics are a great summer accessory - they easily jazz up an outfit. Feel free to mix gold and silver together...it's ok to mix and match.
Play with Color
Don't be afraid of color (it's huge for the summer!) Mix colors from the same hue/tint/shade. I used gem tones here, but all pastels or all brights would work too. (Tip: don't go over 3 colors...that gets tricky; you don't want to end up looking like Rainbow Bright...unlesss that was the look you were going for...)
Dressing fabulously while you're knocked up doesn't need to cost a fortune either. This purple dress is from Target and it's not maternity...it was part of my prepregnancy wardrobe. Also, most of the accessories in this post were thrifted or things that I have had for a while.
Be creative, experiment with trends (one at a time, please!), and most importantly, rock that confidence!


  1. These are great ideas, April. I am loving the first two outfits. Definitely agree that accessories are the simplest way to change a look. I love that you're showing how chic one can be while preggo and it doesn't have to cost a lot. Totally doable!
    Van // The Clothes We Wear
    Wearing motherhood with style.


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