May 8, 2011


ah, my first Mother's Day...
I've waited a long time for this day.  Not really Mother's Day in particular, but the day when I could be called (*gulp*) a mom. 
 {Right now I prefer momma-at least that's what I've been trying to teach little E to say :}
Spunky (my hubby) and I waited 5 years (almost to the day) until we had E.  We didn't necessarily prevent having kids sooner, but never really tried.  Once we decided it was time, we tried and succeeded in the late summer of '09. We were so tickled to learn of this happy news.  But it didn't last long.  We learned at 10 weeks the little nugget had no heartbeat.  We were so distraught and saddened {it was kind of a bad ordeal, but that's for another time}.   But it was a chance for us to grow even more closer together and know of a surety that we wanted to have kids.  
About three months later we were expecting again. {thankfully} This time our celebrating was a little more cautious, but still joyous.  I had a hard time grasping that I was really going to have a baby, since the last experience had really caught me off guard.  I don't think I really absorbed it until E was about two months old. 
I've wanted to be a mom since day one {and not because I'm good at bossing people around}.  I think that's why I haven't been so insistent on obtaining a career (or a degree...yet).  I've always looked up to my own mother and the way that she raised us three kids.  She worked full time, while dad was in the army and drove truck.  Plus did I mention I was a terror of a first child? My aunts and uncles love to reminisce on how horrible I was and how much I cried screamed. All. The. Time
{I hardly believe them.  I would never act that way...}  
Becoming a mother is very special, but I understand that you don't necessarily have to be a literal mom to understand that.  There are all kinds of {moms} out there.  So don't think that just because you aren't one you can't be celebrated on this day as well. 
I am very grateful to my mom and I love her very much.  
{Goes as well for my grandmas, MIL (mother in law) and SIL (sisters in law}
I am grateful for my sweet little girl and I love her very much.
{even when she's being not so sweet}
I'm very proud to be a momma.
Yes, even a proud doggie momma of Mammers.
Be sure to give that special {mudders} in you life an extra special love today.
Happy Mother's Day!


  1. And a wonderful mother you are!! You are a great example and source of love and all that is good to your little baby Everlie. What a blessing she is to bring the joy of children back into our family. Her smile, her darling personality and her sweet spirit is more than a mother, grandmother could ask for. We look forward to the rest of the grandchildren to join the Eaton ranks. I love watching you, watching her! We are so proud of you and the hard work and all the accomplishments you and Brent have done. Doing everything on your own and doing such an awesome job of it. We couldn't ask for a more wonderful family and all the fun that comes along with it. We love you and Happy first Mother's Day to you!!!

  2. Happy 1st Mothers' Day and many more to come :)

  3. Sweet post! Thanks for giving us a peek into your life and sharing your momma story!
    Happy Mothers Day

  4. Awww, what a sweet post! We lost our first around the same time. It was really hard! I SOOOO was not expecting it. But, I think it made me appreciate my kids even more...knowing how fragile life really is. Each child is a miracle! :) Happy Mothers Day! :D

  5. Sister you {trulie} are amazing and I am SO Proud of all you have accomplished. You have been through so much, and are such an amazing example to me. I love you more than you know and I can't wait to be a mom so I can call you and get all your advice since you're a pro mom already. I miss you lots (even though I talk to you at least 5 times a day) but I'm so glad we have this blog to do together so we can keep in touch and do something together.. I LOVE YOU and can't WAIT to see you... June simply can't come soon enough.... Happy Mothers day pretty sister.. love you!

  6. You guys are AMAZING!! I read your blog seriously EVERYDAY. You two are such an inspiration to me and I can't wait to see what else you ladies have in store for your blog. Keep up the good work, You're up to a KILLER start!

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a kind comment!! Happy Mother's Day to you! Hope this day was extra special :)

    Stop by again soon! xoxo!

  8. LOVE the post! I totally think you should post about your experience with your miscarriage if/when you ever feel ready! I had 2 between my first little boy and the one I am having ANY day now. It was SO much harder then I thought it ever would be and I posted about it a lot, I can't believe the feedback and questions I got back. People were not only supportive but so many had gone through the same things quietly and alone. I know yours was awhile ago, but I think its huge when people going through similar things can understand they aren't alone, PLUS it helps people who have never gone through it to understand how truly devastating it can be.

    Anyway, hope you had a WONDERFUL Mothers Day!

  9. awe, happy mothers day yesterday..

  10. hope you enjoyed your first "mudders" day! so sweet. <3


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