May 9, 2011


Did everyone survive Exercise week??
We both Survived {barely} our first week of Jillian and P90X! We still got your back ladies!
(did everyone have a great mothers day?)
I hope you were as motivated by our guest bloggers as we were. Aren't they amazing? 
That's why we love blogging so much. 
There are so many people out there who can relate to what you are going through. 
We're so grateful for the opportunity we have to share our experiences with you all and get Great feedback in return. We LOVE knowing we're not the only ones going through these {life} situations. It's such a joy and comfort to both of us.
OK (sorry for the mushy mushy, we are just so grateful for you all) 
ANYWAYS, Let's review. 
Week 1-curve your sugar cravings: Check
Week 2- curve sugar cravings AND start exercising: check
Week 3- HEALTHY EATING! eating healthy, choosing healthy foods, foods that are healthy..
(alrighty, let's be honest here...since we both grew up at our grandma's candy shop, this is one of our harder topics to grasp. Maybe if we say healthy eating enough times it will click in our brains. hmm )  It's just, when we see that plate of french fries or that delicious piece of strawberry pie, or that ice cream covered cookie with Carmel and whip cream and chocolate syrup on top (ok we're getting a little carried away here) 
That GB* is lookin' pretty darn good compared to a plate of salad.
Am I right? Or am I right?
*(a little review if you haven't been keeping up;
GB: ghetto booty: big and round tushie-not the same as pirate booty...)

This week, we've got a few recipes and tips to share that will hopefully make
eating healthier not seem like such a chore. 
(if you have any healthy recipes you'd like to share, please do! Either on here, or e-mail we'd love to try them).
We also have a HUGE MOTIVATOR for you to get eating healthy, along with curving those sugar cravings and keep up with the exercise.... wanna know what it is??
We'll be posting it later today!
Here's a little glimpse into the goodies You could win...

You've only got THIS WEEK to enter!
Good luck to you all and keep checking back for some yummy recipes and fun healthy eating tips!
{much love bloggy friends}


  1. Oh my gosh, you grew up in a candy shop!?! You must be disciplined, I'm pretty sure I would have been 400 pounds by the age of ten. And heck yes, you are right about the salad.

    I did pretty good last week...minus birthday party day! I've lost 3 pounds so's a start!

    And I'm loving the giveaway! I totally love Mary Kay! Especially since I'm addicted to lip gloss. ADDICTED, I say!

    I follow, I follow! Pick me!

  2. I failed the exercise, buahahaha. Sad week for me. oh well, on to healthy eating, now this I got!!


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