May 7, 2011

Guest blogger. Lindsey

WE have our last, but not least Guest blogger with us here today.
Everyone say, Hello Lindsey! (you all said it right?)
You are going to be A-m-azed with her story, we sure were...
Without further ado, here is Lindsey's story:

Yayyy! I'm SO happy to be here with you amazing
{trulie-scrumptious} readers!

When Rozalynn emailed me the other day I had NO idea what I would have to share that would be any better then what the average women already knew! So I asked my husband!

To be honest, I thought he'd laugh and say something to the affect, "Blog? Why would you be a guest blogger for exercise!?" But instead he was SOO excited! He told me that I should start with my story. So here you go! ;)

In high school weight was NEVER an issue for me... I played Volleyball, Basketball, and Softball! I got really sick the beginning of my Senior year during Volleyball season and weighed in at a whopping 99 pounds when I should have been 115! It was the most unhealthy I had ever been. I made it through Volleyball season but when it got to Basketball and Softball season I knew that I just couldn't do it. My body just was not physically ready to put even more stress on myself. I struggled with my weight and sickness issues at home. I didn't have friends that knew about it. But I had the BEST mom in the entire world that pushed me to get back to the weight I should be! BUT... This made me extremely unhealthy.

I got to 115 right as I was graduating.  There I stayed. I didn't work out. I didn't do ANYTHING. I hung out with friends. Dated. But thought to myself Working out is for people that want to lose weight!

The next year that wonderful mother of mine, that helped me through SO much, passed away of a heart attack. She was only 48, but my grandmother(her mom) had died at the same age of the same thing. It still hadn't hit me that this could be me.

I had an amazing man that stood by my side through most of these trials and we got married later that year. He truly meant the world to me and I knew that without him I'd be lost!

3 months after getting married we ended up getting pregnant with our first child! We were so excited about this welcomed surprise!

But to say I was lazy during my pregnancy, is an EXTREME understatement! I was HOT, we living in Southern California, and i was just plain lazy. I went from being 117 pounds to being 177 pounds! When I hit 150, I almost had a stroke. I ended up having to be induced due to High Blood Pressure because of the weight that I was carrying around. I did get a beautiful baby boy out of this!

I breastfed my baby for 2 reasons.
1- Healthy for Boston!
2- Everyone told me that it would make me lose the weight.

This did NOT work for me! Breastfeeding did absolutely nothing for my weight. But when Boston hit 4 months I stopping producing milk and at that point I looked in the mirror... And then I stood on the scale... I still had 30 pounds to lose. I was SO hurt. I understood this little miracle that I had gotten but this body was just a reminder of what needed to be worked on.

At this time I started watching The Biggest Loser. I became obsessed! I decided to do it with them. I started working out, I started eating healthy, but what really got me motivated?

My mom and my grandma. They were both over-weight when they passed. I knew that I didn't want to do that to my sweet little boy! I wanted to make it past that 48 mark! I wanted to be here to spend time with my grandchildren and I wanted to watch MY children grow up! So with the odds against me, I decided to turn my life around! I didn't do it to look good. I did it to beat the odds!

I lost the weight pretty easily. Almost felt like it fell off.
But as Boston got older... It got a lot harder to find that time.
I bought Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred... And I got a friend to do it with me everyday!

As soon as we finished Level 1, I knew that it wasn't enough.
So I started running.
I made a goal!
My goal was to do 100 miles in 40 days. I started running a mile a day. Usually 5 days a week, some weeks 6 days! After every 5 days I bumped it up half a mile. It felt so good to be able to run 6, 7, 8, 9, and then 10 miles at a time! I had never been able to run any more then 1 mile. So I made my goal, I knew that I needed a knew one.

So I decided to do the Teton Dam Half Marathon! This will be on my 22nd birthday and I couldn't be more excited! I figured starting at a Half Marathon I could move up to a Marathon by next year! ;)
I then got to work out with Brett from The Biggest Loser... Who once again put that motivation in me to get my *bum* in gear!

Now for my ultimate goal, which will have to wait until I'm done with children.
Even if I never run this race I would LOVE to just qualify!

So my advice for anyone trying to get healthy or trying to get fit...
Find something that motivates you. Something that when you think about, makes you want to be healthy.
Because this is what does it for me! ;)


If you'd like to check out some more of my workouts, family life, crafts, sewing projects, photography, and see more of my cute little boy, Boston... Check out our family blog!


  1. Great post!! i need to find my motivation im wanting to run a 5K and a 10K and I tried running well more like jogging the other day and couldn't even go 3 minutes! I need to start doing something quick! this post was great motivation and inspiration! thanks :)

  2. She is sooo cute! Her little boy is adorable!!
    I have no motivation to work out. I would LOVE to jog, but I am literally suffocating for air after like a block. UG. I need to get my GB (ahahah still cracks me up) in shape!

  3. I totally wish I had your body! I workout and run and still feel like all the weight is just hanging on.


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