May 30, 2011

Introducing Hilary from HB Create!

{Giveaway is closed}
Here it is:
A {trulie scrumptious} Goodie-Goodie Giveaway hosted by none other than my good friend Hilary.  She is such a sweet and fun gal AND she's super talented.  We're happy to have her here, so show her some {scrumptious} LOVE and sign up for this SUPER AWESOME FANTASTIC giveaway!

Hello from the great state of TEXAS!
I'm Hilary Bushman...the "HB" straight out of HBCreate!

My family and I just relocated to The Hill County, SAN ANTONIO TEXAS-where everything is BIGGER. But before we did, I started HBCreate. I started HBCreate for one reason, make girls and women FEEL PRETTY!

I definitely go through stages of "pretty"...sometimes I feel really pretty, sometimes I'm kinda feelin' it, and sometimes ya just wanna stay away cuz I'm not feelin' it at all.

When a friend showed me a simple zipper hair clip almost a year ago now I thought, "that is soooo pretty". So....I went home and made one.

Then I thought, "If I can do this with zippers, then I can do it with fabric"...and sure enough...vwalla!

And then from there I dove into headbands...and belts...and brooches...and bracelets...and anklets...and now necklaces!!!
I'm so happy to say that no matter if it's a sweats day, or a stilettos day, when I'm wearing a flower

Living in Texas has given me the confidence to wear it BIG and wear it PROUD! Why shouldn't we cause heads to turn. It feels good to have a complete stranger say, "Wow! I love the flower in your hair!" Just typing the words brought a smile to my face.

If you are reading Trulie-Scrumptious, chances are you are a working mother, a stay-at-home mother, a college student, a career woman, a teenager, or a grandmother(I think I got just about every demographic in there). IT'S TIME TO FEEL PRETTY!!!

And I want to help! So this is what I want to do...a giveaway!! YAY!! Just a few simple things to get your name in the drawing...
Of course you need to be a follower of Trulie-Scrumptious
Go "LIKE" Trulie Scrumptious on Facebook
Head over to my HBCreate Blog and become a follower
Go "LIKE" HBCreateFacebook on Facebook

And look! You have multiple entries RIGHT THERE!! When you come back to Trulie Scrumptious to let us know you LIKE and FOLLOW us, add a blurb in your comment letting me know what you would want if you are the winner - a bracelet, necklace, headband, brooch, or a belt and if you win your surprise will be on your doorstep in no time!!
ONE Lucky person will win the PRIZE, but all of us can FEEL PRETTY!

(check me out at my HBCreate Shop)

Giveaway will end one week from today (June 6th) at midnight.  The winner will be announced Wednesday (June 8th)  You may enter up to 4 times  to up the anty!
Post one comment per entry
Winner will be chosen via

Happy Give-o-way-ing!!



  1. I'm now "following" and "liking" trulie scrumptious and HBcreate! And I love my i feel pretty days. If I win the giveaway, I would love a bracelet to feel pretty with :)

  2. I follow trulie scrumptious :)

  3. I am a follower of TS :)

  4. "liked" TS on FB!

  5. I liked HBCreats on Fb

  6. I am a new follower of HBCreate's blog

  7. I follow my TS ladies, love them. I would take the brooch, because I live in Idaho and always wear a cardigan. Love your stuff!

  8. I follow your blog of course!!

  9. I like you guys on FB...and in real life :)

  10. I'm a follower of Trulie-Scruptious!

  11. And I also liked Trulie Scrumptious on Facebook!

  12. Annnnnd I'm now a follower of HBCreate Blog!

  13. And last but not least :) I liked HBCreate on facebook....Pick me, Pick me, Pick me!!

  14. I like trulie scrumptious on facebook!!!!

  15. I follow your trulie scruptious blog

  16. I would love to follow HBCreate's blog but I cannot find her follow button :( I must be blind. BUT I love the spin me round headband!!! SO CUTE


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