May 31, 2011

Tute-Sweet Tuesday: Baby Bib

Hey you {scrumptious} readers! I was just craftin' around one day and this was the result...
A bib for my perfect little niece. 

Here's what you'll need:
*A shower curtain, or another type of fabric of your choice... (I got mine from the dollar store :)
*You're favorite fabric
*A strip of your 2nd favorite fabric
*Two 6" strips of ribbon
*sewing machine
*a cute little niece or baby to be your model

OK, Here we go!
First things first, you need to make a template.
 I just guesstimated with a pencil and when I liked it I cut it out!

Then you'll need to trace your template onto your shower curtain
 (or fabric of your choice)

Now Cut this puppy out!!

Then do the same with your fabric

Here's where you'll need your 2nd favorite fabric. 
Cut out a 1" strip the length of your bib.

Sew it on the front of your bib 
{I use a zig zag stitch, but whatever floats your boat}

Now place your 6" ribbons at the top of the bib.
 {Make sure you place it exactly like I did in the picture, I did it the opposite way before and, well.... it didn't work our so well..
so do yourself a favor and look at the picture}

We're getting closer!! Now pin this baby up with WRONG sides together and we're ready to roll...

Sew all around the edges of this beauty, but leave a small un-stitched spot so we can flip this bib inside out. 

After you've sewn it all up, switched it inside out 
(which will be the right way)
 Stitch up the un-stitched part and Voila! You're done!!
Place it on that beautiful baby of yours and enjoy...

{don't let this face fool you, she absolutely loves her bib.. I Promise}


  1. Super cute! Now I just need a baby!. . . Maybe in 4 or 5 years :)

  2. Great bib! Love the fabric choices!

  3. cute cute cute blog and ideas!!!! I can't wait to see those hair clips you make :)

  4. Cayman Somerville6/02/2011 11:05 AM

    Such a cool idea! I liked both pages and intend to come back to them :)


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