May 10, 2013

Thai my shoe


I haven't made these yet, but they've been sitting in my emails' inbox for a while and thought I should at least put them on here so that one day in the near future I'd be motivated to make them..

Ok, I just want you to make them for me and bring it to me to gobble up! :)  I haven't been in the slightest of moods to make anything this week.

I think it's the weather.  It's too nice to cook.  But really just putting them on here is making my mouth water.  I love me some good Thai food. Not sure that Boise is the best place to get "authentic" Thai, but hey-at least I can make it from home and indulge whilst in my sweats :D  These recipes are perfect for the upcoming summer season.

Hope you enjoy these!

Heavenly Thai Pineapple Fried Rice

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