April 15, 2013

make it a double...

Just go ahead and plan on making a double batch of these beauts.  I really mean it.  The whole batch just didn't seem to satisfy me....

As you can see.

I really was planning on getting a picture of these delectable goodness-nesses but alas...my mouth was watering for one more.   Then one more.  Then another one...

 OK! I ate the whole dang plate!


Funny thing is peanut butter cookies are  not my go-to cookie, not even on my top 10.  But these....

They had me at hello lovelies.

Source: sweetestkitchen.com
Doesn't your mouth water for some soft chewy peanut buttery deliciousness with a tall glass of cool creamy milk?

Eat the whole batch. {or two} 
I won't tell ;)

Here's where I found them.  EnJOY!

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