April 28, 2013

Grandma's Chocolate Chewies

There's nothing like a beautiful, sunny Sunday.  There's also nothing like my grandma's chocolate chewies.

Hello, my name is Ashlie and I have a chocolate problem.

Especially on Sundays.

My husband knows that Saturday night he is to hop on over to the grocery store and grab him some caffeine and me some chocolate--other wise there is crankiness to be heard.  One day I'm sure we'll have to learn to deal without them period, but I quite love my chocolate goodness on my day of rest.

My grandma was a fantastic cook.  AND candy maker.  Do you know I grew up in a candy store?  Literally.  See her website here: Florence's.  You don't know what chocolate is until you taste her hand-dipped chocolates.  They're the best because they are made with love. :)

Also made with love was her delectable foods that she would make-especially for Sunday dinners.  We would go up to her house quite often since it wasn't far from our home and help her make cookies, pies, and spud nuts (which are like doughnuts, but WAAAAY better).  Mmmm just thinking about them makes my mouth water.

As I was thinking how I was to curb my chocolatey fix this day, I turned to this recipe.  Truth be told, I have never made these before by myself.  EEEK!  I know right?!  Since Pinterest came along I really haven't looked at my own cookbook in so long that I've forgotten I have some really good recipes that have been needing dusting off.

SO onto the recipe.  It's really simple and takes hardly any time and fast cleanup-which is always a plus.

Take a bite out of the crunchy outside and a chewy gooey inside, and there's no going back.
Printable Recipe

Grandma's Chocolate Chewies

Melt in saucepan:
1-1/2 C chocolate chips
stir in one can of Eagle Brand Milk (sweetened condensed milk)
Stir occasionally for 10 mins.

(Make sure you scrape the bottom of pan so the chocolate chips don't burn)

Add 2tbsp butter

Add to dry ingredients:
1 C flour
1tps baking powder
1 tsp vanilla

Cool 10-15 mins.  Spoon out on greased pan
Bake 15 mins at 325.

Options: Add white chocolate chips once cooled (which is what I did this time)
Add nuts and marshmallows for a Rocky Road effect.

Be sure to not over bake or they will be chocolate not-so-chewies....we don't want that.


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