April 4, 2013

Almost one...

This little ham is a month away before he turns the big numero u-n-o!  Can't believe it.  I swear it wasn't too long ago that he was  just this little...

Birthday parties have been on my mind and there are a million and one ideas out there..
As if I need a million and one choices to choose from.

So here's me figuratively thinking aloud...using pictures:

(click on picture for links;)

And the clock keeps ticking... 

I'm sure whatever we do I will love it because I'm a huge sucker for decorating for parties.  Not that I have a ton but I think special days are meant to be celebrated to the fullest.  It's only one day... (remind me I said that as I'm racing the clock to get things done last minute...as usual ;)

If you have any thoughts/ideas-I'm game to hear them.


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