March 30, 2013

happy easter!

I'm kind of a fly by the seat of my pants person when it comes to planning out holidays.  I try hard to get everything together ahead of time-but ya know, life happens.

I'm putting some Easter stuff together as we speak while I let the kiddos rot their brains in front of a movie ;)  Mother of the year...

I've put together some cute Easter printables and some ideas that I will be doing this year for my family.  I'll have to have an update as to how it all went down, so here's me crossing my fingers that it will pan out how I'd like.

First off, I used Picmonkey to draw up some cute little cards that I'm going to dangle from the ceiling with crepe paper so the kids (mainly just E) will see it first thing she wakes up.

Little Ev is in love with the Easter Bunny this year.  Harv...not so much.

So then I plan to do this on the back patio into our kitchen:

Tutorial on her blog here.

And then have them follow their color of eggs to find their Easter baskets with a cute little printable card inside.

Please feel free to use this printable and let me know if you have any issues with it and I can email it to you.  I'm still making progress as to knowing all the in's and out's of this blogging thing ;) Be patient with me.

I happend to be a Kneaders last night for a GNO and saw these: 


Perfect little stuffer for the basket. :D
I should have grabbed a couple more for me and the hubby... Maybe a fun little tradition to keep for next year.  
Gaa!  I just want to eat them up right now!!

One of the things that will be in Evs basket is this adorable easter bunny paper doll- Perfect quiet activity to keep her entertained at church or even on the go.  Just the right size to keep in my purse.  Printable found here .  Sorry.  Not the best picture-I had to be stealthy in case the little miss came to see what I was up to.  But you get the idea.

I just cut up a cereal box and folded it like a book.  I happened to have a lovely scrapbook page that had the grass and carrots in a row as a background.  Bonus! I adhered that to the cereal box and attached little velcro dots to the backs so there is a spot to keep all her clothes :)  Kinda fun, right?

Growing up we usually spend Easter with my cousins and it was always a BLAST.  My mom and my aunt would send us on a hunt to find our baskets and would make up the clues to find your basket and they either were freaking hilarious or made no sense as they would stay up l-a-t-e doing them.  Ah. Fun times..

What do you do for Easter?

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