February 21, 2013

Bunko or Bust!

I hope none of you have noticed that I again have taken a small break.  I've been visiting my family and having a great ole time in eastern freez-ville.  It's only a mere 21 degrees to my 50 degree weather that I left last week but hey-nothing gets your blood pumping like a good Idaho breeze (freezing wind).


So I recently lost my Bunko virginity-which is AWESOME.  I've heard so many people playing and had no clue what I was missing out on.  Like Zumba... I have yet to even comprehend what it's about, but everyone is doing it and it sounds like fun.

I may need to get out a bit more...

Anywho -  It's a little past my bedtime and I've got to get up and pack for home in the morning so I'll make this short and sweet. I was super jazzed from playing that I wanted to hear from you, my lovlies--I want  to start up a group in my neck of the woods and wanted to get some more info on how it is done.  Apparently it's a big to do and can get quite serious on how it is played so I'm asking you how you organize it/get it started ect.  I'm not looking for come play or die type of get together, but want to know-what do you do??

I will be expecting some feedback from ya, cuz I'm dang serious about starting one up.

It will be legen---wait for it--------dary. 

 (You can bet your sweet bessie on that!)

Last, but not least, I want to give out a huge cyber hug for those our there that read.  I received some awesome feedback tonight on this little blog of mine and I feel overjoyed that you are reading.... It fills my love tank to full.  It gave me a boost of reassurance that I do have love out there and gives me a reason to write.  So thank you.. trulie :)

Bunko peeps I'm counting on you to show some love...

For reals.

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