May 2, 2012

Shared Nursery Ideas...

I live in a two bedroom home.
It's cozy as in small
And I really do love it.


This means Little Mr. will eventually have to share a room with Miss E, {which I am now so glad I never really finished her room}.

I know I'm not the only one in the universe who has run into this, so if any of you have any advice-please spill the beans on what your secrets are.

At first I was going to have Miss E switch to a toddler bed and move Little Mr. into her crib as we transitioned him into the nursery.  {He will be in our room in a pack n' play for the first few months-which worked out well for Miss E}
all the advise that has been given to me by mothers who have had children close together have said "No Way Jose" just doesn't work.  

I had one mother tell me her 15 month old would get out of her toddler bed and come sleep on the floor at the foot of her bed.
{Break my heart!}

She said after a couple of nights of that, she ran out and got another crib.

So we're bucking up and planning on getting another crib.  Baaaah!  But I really don't want to.

Oh the joys...

But here's what I've got so far in my head...
1. White rocking chair--which will actually be in my room, because after I made this I then realized there will be no room for it...but it still looks good, no?

2. Blue fabric pattern for Little Mr's. crib.

3. Something to hang on the walls.

4. Quilt pattern that would go well with each of the kids' beds.  Ambitious, but cute.

5. Button monogram that I'll keep for E and make new for Little Mr.  Tute for it found here.

6. Gray walls, which we're keeping.

7. Orange fabric for Little Mr.

8. Salmon colored fabric for Miss E.

9.  Two white cribs, coming right up!

10. Skirt and crib sheet idea.

11.  Green fabric for either.

12. Dresser/Changing Table 

13.  Citron/Limon/Green/Yellow for either.

More ideas to come....



  1. As you know Ashlie, all my kids are close! (LOL) and everyone of them, minus Jami right now (only because I haven't had the push to get her out of the crib lol), I moved them out of their cribs and into a "Big" kid bed right before or just shortly after having the new baby. ALL of them had no issues going to the big kid bed. I refused to have 2 cribs and so far it has worked for us. I found this awesome shield that fit just under the mattress of the twin bed that stopped them from rolling off and it worked great.
    Neilsen and Jami share room and when I was decorating I wanted them to have a matching color but still wanted to make it their own space in the room. So have matching colors but still make it fit them.
    Let me know if you have any questions I would love to help out. :)

  2. My kids were out of their pack and play's (beccause we never had actual cribs for them since we live in a tiny 1 bedroom apartment) by 18 months. Austin would play for awhile in his room and then always fall asleep on his bed - Emma fell asleep next to the door for a couple of weeks but now goes to her bed to sleep - they figure it out. Good luck!

  3. Oh awesome! Thanks for your feedback! I love hearing how other people make it work!!


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