May 5, 2012

A Bedroom Facelift for...


Ah, the bedroom.  Where all the magic happens as they say on Cribs.  Even though I know--at least I'm pretty sure MTV won't be visiting my house to be featured on their show, I want my bedroom to look nice.  It's your place of refuge at the end of the day.  A safe haven, a sanctuary, a place to have your own quiet time.  Although Spunky and I's bedroom has definitely progressed, {see exhibit A.}  
I'm still looking to fill that place of perfection.

{exhibit A}

White walls, mis-matched bed covers, oak headboard and side drawers...ahh... and I know you're digging my lightbulb lamp--doused in glow-in-the-dark star stickers..  
Freakin' awesome is what that is.  Probably would still be around if it wasn't possessed.  
Yes, possessed!
It would occasionally turn on and off by itself--it was a touch on/off lamp.  I got way too creeped out as Spunky worked nights and had to throw it out finally.


Now onto the current exhibit-B.
{exhibit B}
Much more sophisticated and grownup.  But I really dislike my dark green accent wall.  Don't ask me why I had to have a forest green wall, but Spunky did as his wife wished and painted me a forest green wall.  Sweet guy.  No questions asked.

But the other walls look mint next to it and I really just don't like it.  

So here's what I have planned.

1.  Paint the walls a crisp mint blue to brighten up the room.

2.  Key it up with the existing decor keys I have on the wall.

3. Add some art work to the two empty 22 x 28 frames I've had sitting in my room for the last 5 years... yes, really that long.  eek!

4.  Add cream accents, as found on #8 and #10.

5.  Keep existing side tables-which are pretty similar to that.

6. Keep our black and cream damask comforter.

7. Keep our white gold mirror.

8.  Add rocking chair-which is technically already in here since there's no room for one in the kids' room.  

9.  Small gray accents throughout.

10.  Add new cream lamp shades to lighten and brighten the room.

11. Add accent pillows to bed that coordinate with the walls.

12. Keep dresser.

13.  Add a crisp new duvet cover for the bed.

Mmmm...  Can't wait to get this project started!


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