February 7, 2012

Cutie Booties

Oh my word!
 I am so embarrassed at how long it's been since I've posted. My poor sister has taken complete control of this blog all by her lonesome. What's even worse is I have WAYYY too much spare time these days that I do absolutely nothing most of the time. But after reading all my sisters amazing organization tips, I cleaned out my closet. Instead of giving away all of my clothes to DI, I decided to cut up a few shirts and make a few baby crafts before that little girl of mine gets here. So here is my first of hopefully many crafts. 
Barefoot Baby Cutie Booties
This beauty on pinterest was my inspiration
So here's what you'll need:
*An old t-shirt
*Hot glue
*Needle and thread (if you choose)

First I cut the hemmed parts of the t-shirt.... The bottom and both sleeves. This makes life easier because it's already hemmed for you!
 Then I cut a thick strip of the t-shirt and starting cutting out different sizes of flowers.
I cut out six different sizes for each flower which makes a grand total of 12. BUT YOU can make as many layers as your little heart desires. 
So after you've cut and chopped everything, this is what you'll have..

Now it's time for the glue gun! Glue the two loose ends of Sleeve 1 to the center (You can sew it if you'd like, but I chose to use glue)

THIS next step is optional. I've seen these done both ways, you can either leave it with the two straps. OR you can get adventurous and add a back strap. To do this, you cut the back strap piece to the size you desire. 
LASTLY, glue all the parts of the flower together then glue onto the top portion of the sleeve strap and voila!
Now all I need is a cute center for my flower and a baby to test these adorable booties on ;) 
Ok, so after I finished this post I went and made two more pairs of these adorable booties. I'm addicted! Pretty sure I'll have a pair in every color WITH matching headbands, (I'm still working on those beauties) But I glued the straps of the of the example above together to make them thinner, just an fyi. Here are my other cutie booties.
Please do yourself a favor and go make a pair of these, 
they are so much fun!



  1. Roz these are adorable! I need a baby girl so I can make these!

  2. Very cute! I'd love if you'd check out the lace leggings i made my daughter! http://sewfantastic.blogspot.com/2012/02/lace-leggings.html



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