February 9, 2012


Or I guess I should say, calling all pregnant people or mothers who have been pregnant. I need your area of expertise. Let's be honest here... Getting LARGE really stinks. Nothing fits right, and let's face it, it' hard to look adorable when your gaining pounds left and right! I always look at pregnant girls and think how cute they are, but I'm feeling less and less cute as the months go on. So I guess what I'm asking is, WHAT ON EARTH DID YOU WEAR! I think I've worn the same pair of pants everyday the last two months. I want to be comfortable, but still look like I haven't just rolled out of bed and pulled on sweats (which is really what I feel like wearing) I need some maternity clothing advice. I'm not quite big enough for maternity clothes, but not small enough to wear my normal shirts, and who can afford to go buy a whole new wardrobe? Not me... So what were all your tricks to keep yourself looking cute, without breaking the bank! Can't wait to hear all of your lovely advice ;) And you better share and not keep all those good secrets to yourself! So comment away ladies...
Our cute baby bumps!


  1. Before I was pregnant I was a size 0 and by the time I was near the end of my pregnancy I had gained 60lbs! I had to keep buying maternity clothes in different sizes/styles each trimester.

    You can use the belly band (sold at Target) but then you have to leave your pants unbuttoned. I couldn't stand the feeling that my pant may fall.

    Here is my advice for cheap maternity clothes (and what I did):

    1. look on craigslist.org
    2. find chilren/maternity consignment stores
    3. shop target maternity clearance
    4. jcpenny maternity sales
    5. a few Ross stores have maternity clothes
    6. Burlington coat factory has decently priced maternity clothes
    7. look for maternity/baby boutique sales (I got a few name brand things for cheap)
    8. look for large kids consignment events like Just Between Friends: http://jbfsale.com/findevent/?n=2517 They sell maternity clothes and cheap baby clothes.
    9. Old Navy maternity sales - some stores carry maternity clothes but you can always shop online
    10. sign up for shopittome and they will send you email announcement of maternity clothes sales
    11. H&M maternity clothes on sale (they have them in stores with childrens clothes)

    I hope this helps! Good luck with your pregnancy, hopefully everything goes well. :)


  2. Oh my gosh, you two are seriously ADORABLE (whether you think so or not)!!! You make pregnancy look good, lucky ducks! I had a heck of a hard time finding cute maternity clothes, so most of the time I just got things I liked (Old Navy + Target) in L/XL. Seriously, I had like 3 outfits that I would wear and that's it. It sometimes felt like torture to put on jeans, I would wear sweats/cozy pants like 75% of the time. I think what you're going through is totally the norm!

  3. if you're not quite ready to buy maternity clothes, you can loop a rubber band through the button hole and around the button on jeans to keep them up. Just ya know, where some long shirts, or pretty undershirts :) Also check for some resale stores nearby. It's like kid to kid, but for maternity clothes.

  4. I am 24 weeks pregnant with baby #2 and I feel huge. I couldn't wear my clothes much earlier in this pregnancy. I have found some great things at the Goodwill for an amazing price.


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