January 29, 2012

A Month of Order #3

Trulie Scrumptious' month of order is almost over.   

How's it been going for you?  Do you have any projects you'd like to share?!  Link them up!!  I wanna see 'em!

I've still got quite a few things on my list, but I figure pouring order over into the next month [or two] until I finish all my projects, won't kill anyone.   What I have accomplished has made such a difference.  Everything seems to flow a lot more smoothly.

The biggest change so far has been my kitchen.  {more pictures coming soon.  I'm waiting on finding a few more baskets from Targé to complete my masterpiece-they are always out of my bins when I go!  Grr!}

I completely purged my pantry, and while it looks like we have no food {or so the husband says}, we can find things more easily and I can see immediately what we're out of and everything is in it's own little spot.  Here's a little sneaker peaker...

Another thing I changed {which threw my hubby in a doosy} was rearranging my cupboards and pulling out things that were never getting used to make room for more essential things.  {Hello DI!}

I remade one cabinet into my baking essentials station and it makes baking and clean up a whole heck of a lot faster.  Everything baking is right there so I'm not constantly going back and forth from the pantry any more.

Do you see my cute little labels! {**squeal**!}

I do have my utinsil drawers to still go through and clear out.  Just need a quick trip to Wally World {wal*mart} to get some of those inexpensive drawer organizers...

A quick fix, but I absolutely d-r-e-a-d going there.  It completely sucks you in and I have to look at everything and before I know it I've been there an hour only to get toothpaste and bread.

Why, Wal*Mart...WHYYYYY?!!!

One day I'll get there...

One day.

Link up to show off what you've done with your month of order right here:

I've got more finished projects to show you...
Stay tuned!


1 comment:

  1. Looking good! My "order" has been putting my kitchen and dining room back together after the remodel. I still need to go through some cupboards, but it's definitely looking better!


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